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    Anybody out there able to comment on the quality of the Fox Micron TXR Remote System? Looking at buying one. Do they work with the basic Fox Micron M's?

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    I used to have a TXR remote system Neil, and they are ok.

    You have a transmitter that has cables that you plug in underneath, the other end of which plugs into the alarms. The receiver is then the same as any other fox receiver (ie RX).

    One limiting factor is the length of the cables! If I remember rightly about 12" long, so if you like to have your rods spaced out, you can't, unless you seek out/make up some longer cables!

    As for being compatible with the Microm M's, I don't know, you would have to have a look underneath to see if there is the appropriate socket. Or email Fox International.

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    Thanks for the info. I use a Fox Horizon pod and 12 inch cables should be ok. I have had confirmation from Angling Direct that the TXR works with Micron M's. So it looks like I'v got my christmas present.


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    Cakey Guest


    I use the txr system and its superb at least double the range of built in systems.
    you can see my set up on a couple of pictures on the FM gallery

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    Have you had a look at the ATTX remote system?

    The transmitters are tiny individual units that plug into the alarm so no leads are required like the txr system. Battery life if ment to be a lot better to

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