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    Default home made boilies

    Hey guys I been making some but wondered have any of ou made them without semolina? I hate the stuff

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    Yep, used maize flour and soya together as a binding/bulking agent. I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that maize flour was a better/easier to digest sorce of carbs than semo

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    why do you hate semolina, were you made to eat it as a kid its a good binding agent in baits and all the baits i make have some in, i doubt that you would find any commercialy made baits that dont contain semolina, in fact years ago when i was even more skint than i am now i used bait made up of just soya and semo, they caught fish just the same as baits costing £1 each, most of a bait goes in one end and out the other without the fish getting much from them as there digestive system cannot get the most from them.
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    all you need is 6 ounces of semolina, 4 ounces of soya flour. makes a great boilie base. best flavour for this is richworth condensed milk with a 2 drops of geranium oil (nutrabaits) go cath them mate...

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