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Thread: Hook Choice

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    Carp Angler Guest


    What is everyones favourite hooks? Do you different hooks for different baits and different rig material???

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    Kevan Garrett Guest


    Kamasan b 175
    nothing to match or rival it.

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    The old fashioned Rod Hutchinson carp hook for bottom baits and pop ups.The Partridge Jack Hilton for surface baits and the Owner(OOW or OWW,something like that cant remember without going out to the workshop!!)for hit and hold situations.Not very modern or adventurous I am afraid but tried and tested.

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    I still use Drennen super specalists for allot of my fishing....1 pound for 10 of them.

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    Darren Wilson Guest


    Nash Gata's for bottom baits, Nash Demons for Stiff rigs & Nash Fangs for Pop-Ups or if the fish are fairly cute in their approach

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    Andy Rooke Guest


    pop-ups fox seires 5
    snags nashy fangs size 4
    open water e.s.p t6 size 6 or 8
    i am also trying the new tails-up hooks (Grippers) had fish on them last week from a weedy water have a look at these hooks i will be switching over to em very soon

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    B175 - buy 'em in bulk from a flyfishing shop.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    do you not think the F** series 5, which is a copy of the Partridge Piggy Back bent hook, a very dodgy hook?
    My first and only use of these resulted in a fish being double hooked.

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    andrew jackson Guest


    Drennen Super Specalist for me to. You can be super critical when inspecting your hook point, and can change to a fresh hook without having to phone the bank manager. Used them for years, and have never had one let me down. Not a trendy hook choice, but a good work horse, that has lasted the test of time.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Super Specialists for me too! I have used the Eustace Penatrator range when fish for those Dutch imports in Catch 22 in Norfolf as the super specialists tended to tear. The owner Cutting point was also usefull here. But otherwise, Drennan gets my vote!

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