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Thread: Lost Monsters

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    Come on, let's hear all about your tales of lost monsters!

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Don't know about lost monsters Graham, but that's a nice picture of your son on the article. And his name is Graham as well......

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    OK its not about me but did anyone ever remember the story about the guy on Horton some years back (I think it was Phil Thompson) who hooked a fish in Church lake that he battled for over 13 hours.... YES 13 HOURS!!!!!
    It was very well documented and several other anglers including Del Smith witnessed it. They battle took place on both bank and boat and they never got whatever it was more than a few feet off the bottom at any time.
    Eventually Phil became physically unable to fight it anymore and another angler took over and started to heave the monster up from the bottom, the line was already knackered and then it cut on the bottom of the boat. The free end of the line slid over the edge of the boat and everyone was left wondering what it could have been.
    These where very experienced anglers and the census was that not even a big forty pound Carp foul hooked in the tail could have fought for so long, someone suggested a monster catfish, but one has never been landed or even seen in there....who knows ?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I've been de-spooled twice before.
    Once on a gravel pit in South Cerney, Mitchell 300, 11lb sylcast, opposite direction, down to the stop knot....TWANG.
    Once on Chesil Beach fishing a live pout for the bass.
    20lb mainline, 13ft 8oz beachcaster bent double.
    It just kept going and going and going.
    Very slowly, very unstoppable.
    Went up and down the beach 3 or 4 times and then headed out to sea.
    Probably a shark, who knows...........

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I enjoyed this article.

    Perhaps the lost monsters are part of the magic of it all.

    I hooked an unstoppable fish last season - the float shot under, the baitrunner was whirring away before I even picked the rod up and it ran about 80yds down the lake before I lost it. The hooks pulled out as I increased the pressure to try to turn it, so I assume it was probably a sizeable carp foul-hooked in the tail or a fin.

    Several pike anglers fishing the Ouse got snapped up by "unstoppable" fish last season, esp around Brandon, Ely etc. A number of seals were sighted in the river at around the same time, so I have my suspicions.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    When I started fishing I lost a fair number of fish through badly tied knots etc. Now I've eliminated that, when, from time to time, I do lose a fish by the sheer power or whatever, I know it's a monster !!
    I think 'the one that got away' is part of the magic of angling.

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    paul williams Guest


    My own monster lost story is a bit different in as much as no epic battle was involved, and it wasn't my fish. My long time friend and then angling partner Gary Bagley, ( the Gary in John Sidleys book River Pike) and i fished as a two man team then and we were piking on a large lake, we were having a decent run on the water with fish in the 15-22lb range but we both had a "gut" feeling that the water held something special. It held huge shoals of bream in the 1-5lb bracket and we both thought it was these that the real big fish would prefer so we both put a bream of about 2lb on our rods. We were boat fishing and not casting too far and the bait was very lively but Garys float started to do strange things, he asked me what he should do and my reply was to "feel" for the fish, Gary gently drew back line and it kept coming save for the odd tug all of a sudden a bloody huge Pike appeared with Garys bream in its jaws, the water was clear and we both saw the fish in all it's glory, it was huge! it swam the length of the boat before seeming to sense what was happening, it then dived and moments later Garys bream appeared minus the Pike....It was truelly the biggest Pike i have ever seen and i went on to catch plenty of big Pike to a fraction under 30lb from that water but never anything to rival Garys Biggy...both of us to this day refuse to put a weight to it.

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    I posted this one to the mailing list after coming back from a trip on the lower severn. I hooked a fish that took off downstream against my clutch with the rod bent double. Not a hell bent run, just a constant irresistable force. I couldn't do anything about it. After a couple of minutes the hooked pulled.

    I have taken barbel to 9lb from there, and having fished for over 30 of my 40 years, I also believe I know when I have a foul hooked fish on. It could have been foul hooked I suppose, but it just didn't feel like a foul hooked barbel. It left me shaking from the adrenalin rush and I still believe it was a big barbel.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    I remember that Dave !! Or it could have been a carp? I had a 12.12 from the same stretch, I'm 100% positive they're in there much, much bigger. On a trip to the Great Ouse in the summer I caught a 23lb carp while after barbel.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I had the same thing Dave, I was fishing my swim and my r/h rod fished upstream on the inside pulled round and then dropped back.
    I hit it and then it just went off downstream, slow and steady, I clamped down when it had gone about 50 yards and the hooklength snapped.
    I presumed that a tree or similiar large item of debris had tangled/hooked up on my line.
    Yes, no???

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