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    I've been asked which carp rods are best for casting 100yds plus. And yes, I know it's a bit like asking how long's a piece of string, but I'd still like to hear some opinions.

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    Graham,I think you must first ask wether it is the best rod to CAST 100+ yards or FISH at 100+ yards?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Any good 12' - 2 3/4 rod with a decent reel and line will chuck 100yds.
    An average rod will need bucket reels, better line and a good casting style. How far is 100yds+? Here's what I use - Caliber Orbiters 12' 2 3/4lb, Shimano BR GT Aero, 24lb Hutchy sinking braid, This will do 110+ with a 3oz lead, and is a joy to play fish on, even in the margins.
    North Western Kevlite 12' 3lb, Penn Bucket reels, 12lb Shimano Technium with ESP tapered leaders 15lb to 45lb. This will go 150+ with a 4 oz lead and will not rip hooks out in the edge, but its not such a pleasure to play fish on as the Calibers. Choices, choices, the perverbial piece of string....

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    Budgie, I meant the best rod for chucking 100yds plus whilst still being a decent enough rod to enjoy playing a carp on. One of the waters not far from me they cast with beachcaster gear and then transfer the line to a more conventional carp rod/reel set-up. Not so good for the carp if they got a run during the swap-over. Budgie and Carp, you're both big blokes, bloody big compared to me! So you have to bear in mind that the distance you can cast with whatever gear you recommend I won't be able to cast anywhere near as far. I know casting is technique as much as size and strength, but you have to admit that being taller and stronger makes it a hell of lot easier.

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    Mike Fidler Guest


    Graham, I would reccomend the orbiter as the best all round carp rod I've ever used, and I've watched skinny 14 year olds launch a 2oz lead well over 130 yards with mine. I suggest though that it's a question of reel and line as any 100 rod should be of sufficent quality to chuck the distance's we are talking about. I use 15lb shimano technium with an esp shock leader.

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    I dont think that size has much bearing on distance casting.Paul Kerry was at the top of Tournement casting for a few years and he wasn't big by any means.A sound technique and correct choice of tackle is the best route to casting long distances.Over recent years tackle for distance carping has changed a lot.3lb+ TC fast taper rods, oversized beach fishing reels and 4ozs leads now seem to be the standard.This is no doubt linked to the universal use of 15lb line.The greatly reduced diameter of 8lb and for extreme range 6lb line helps in making long casts.Obviously a shock leader must be used.For a 3oz lead I find 25lb to be sufficient.This is used with the old (but perfect line lay) 300S's.All of the better Quality 2 3/4lbTC fast taper rods I have used have been ok.

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    For the very rare occasions that I have needed a larger lead (normally due to extreme undertow rather than for casting)I have obviously stepped up the strength of the leader.Before we go any further all distances refered to are with bait and I define long range as 120m+ and extreme range as 150m-175m.Despite being able to cast further on a field without bait I feel these distances represent practical fishing distances.With out the use of a boat the maximum distance that you can feed realy determines your max fishing distance any way!The set up I have allready mentioned is the best compromise for fishing/casting I have found.If more emphasis is to be put on playing the fish I step up to a 3lbTC but through actioned rod.This type of rod is obviously best found in the Pike section.For the rare occasions when extreme distance is required the greatest tool I have ever used is the Zzipplex Long Range Carp rod.This has a 3lb (ish!)TC and is fairly fast tapered.It was built and designed by the great Terry Carrol.He worked to a design brief for a tournement casting rod for a 3oz weight.A truly **** fishing rod but when a bait had to hit the horizon the dogs *******s!

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    However as I have allready said I feel that the secret is combining the correct gear with a good casting technique.This will enable you to compress the rod correctly.The silly over the head thumpused by most carp anglers may be quite accurate but could not compress a wet stick of rhubarb!Look in Sea Angler magazine and they some times give contacts for local casting instructors.No need to learn the full blown Pendulum style.An "off the ground/south african" style will do the job.Remember if your fishing situation allows use a lighter main line it will help tremendously.

    Slightly of the subject but why do we see so many people using rthis sort of gear sat on a 1 acre pond,canal or river bank?

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    y cast a 100 yards when half the time they r under your feet in the margins )

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    Bully Guest


    Thats what I like, someone who takes their time to put in a considered response )

    So, back to the next Ice Age.........

    Mind you, pretty true Richard.

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