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Thread: method feeding

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    Tom Butler Guest


    I have been fishing for about 2 years and i always find method feeding the hardest.I have been told that if the tip of my rod bends i should strike and others say that i should wait for the rod to just go. if any one can give me more advice please e-mail me.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I would suggest the worst thing in the world to do when fishing 'the method' is to watch the tip.
    The whole idea of this style of fishing is to create a competitive feeding situation in a very small area. This will lead to fish grabbing at the feeder to dislodge the bait(that's why the mix needs to be very stiff) causing violent rod tip action. When a carp eventually grabs the bait it should hook itself and then you should see the indicators fly. My advise would be to not watch the tips as this can cause you to become agitated and end up striking prematurely.

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    Tom Butler Guest


    thanks for that

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Tom, keep us informed on how many you catch....we're always interested.

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    Kevan Garrett Guest


    Carp Angler,
    The best advice i`ve heard in ages.The amount of people who do not wait long enough before the strike is enormous.The weight,and the use of a short hook lenght will do the job for you.Believe me Tom,you will know when the carp has hooked itself,so sit back,chill out,and wait for your reels to burst into action.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    New article for the site coming soon about groundbait and fishing the method................

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    peter webber Guest


    RE: carp angler
    you say there is going to be a article on the method and groundbait. please let me know about this as i have been using this method for some time now and have some tips to share with you and the readers that might be of intrest.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    The article appeared a while ago now,
    the URL is below,
    failing that go to the home page and the articles section and view previous articles.....


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    Easier maybe is to click on 'search' type in carp column, and click the search button. Rik's Method article is the middle one of the three listed.

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    peter webber Guest


    Thanks to carp angler / graham, i have looked at the article "THE MATHOD".
    I have been using the METHOD for over 3 years now and with great success, winning 5 of 7 comps on it last year with my club.
    The mix that i use is :
    2x VAN DEN EYNDE method mix (I perfer the red mix).
    1 bag brown crumb.
    crushed trout pellets.
    baby milk powder.
    Sensas pellets.
    I mix this all up about 5 days before going fishing and place in a bucket with a lid. this gives it time to start fermenting which i find helps.mix it on the dry side as it will sweat in the bucket.In the winter i have used this but i sieve the van dan method mix taking the large bits of food out and use crushed hemp and sweetcorn.
    If anyone trys this mix please let me know how you get on.

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