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Thread: 2 man bivys

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    Default 2 man bivys

    Hi all

    Looking for some recommendations for a 2 man bivy for some carp but mostly for shelter when fishing for a range of fish, would need to be easy setup and easy packing up, would be used a few times for over nighters but would have to be fully waterproof! Budget of around 150£ Would also be used for day trips too.

    Thanks all.

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    Fox supa brolly , I've not put my bivvy up since buying one a few years ago , spent many weekends on the bank with it and it's not over the top for day sessions either , erected in minutes it's supa .

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    Default Re: 2 man bivys

    Ive got a tracker slx v2 for when the daughter want to go, you can pick them up for your sort of budget on fleabay.

    Got to agree with the above though, I use an oval most of the time - a 2 man bivvy is a bit overkill as a shelter
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    Cheers lads

    I would use it most of the time for a day session, but would like to get a 2 man as I'd have a good it of gear and have friend who would stay overnight without A bivy

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    my mate has the NGT fortress and i must say, i was very impressed for the money. he regularly goes 2 up with his lad and it houses 2 bed chairs and all their gear no problem. I believe a winter skin is available for it too. Defiantly worth a look.

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