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    Default Re: Solid pva bag without leader

    I did but Dave was giving me a bit of baiting advice .

    Yes Dave I will be having a practice with a marker rod . Only starting in April on a small pit where there is not a lot of weed growth compared to others outs not a huge chuck around 40 yards as a island .

    I would be after the tench as well so was going to find bottom of the shelf and bait an area there but then that wouldn't be big baits worms , sweetcorn or even maggot feeder when after tench .

    What is better to use a spod or a Spomb ?

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    Default Re: Solid pva bag without leader

    Marker rod isnt just for finding depths or edge of weed, but will also hepp reveal the make up of the bottom, the change in texture etc. The change trom sand or hard silt to gravel is an easy thing to distinguish but then there is subtle changes in silt, from good silt to stinky thick bkack stuff etc. When you learn what you are doing its like removing a blindfold and being able to see the bottome of th lake with all the water removed.

    Spod or spomb...
    unless you are going extreme distances then a large spod that is half to 2/3 full will be fine.

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    Default Solid pva bag without leader

    Brilliant that's what I was planning to do , bought a Nash spod & marker rod for £12 and lived a mile from me , got some 25lb braid just need a marker set up and a spod .

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