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    I was seriously thinking about buying 3 Sonik SK4 carp rods until I went into a tackle shop in Bicester today. I must admit that they do look and feel good, but was disappointed to hear that it is EXACTLY the same blank as the Greys Prodigy Plus. The only difference is in the fittings. Its obvious when you look, but the shop assistant confirmed this by saying the Sonik rep said it was true.

    Yes, they do offer three for the price of two which may seem good value but why all the hype about a new company with exclusive high quality gear when all they seem to have done is copy Greys? This is all too common - you only have to look at the Svendsen Group (Okuma, Pro Logic Scierra etc who also make the TF Gear range.

    The odd thing is that the prices vary hugely between one name and another even when the product is the same. the SK4 costs £10 more than the Greys Prodigy Plus.

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    Go for the Greys then.


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    Its just a cunning ploy to keep the tackle tarts spending money. The fish dont care how much you paid for your new rod.

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    All blanks come from China. I think there is only 3 facturies so rod companies are going to get the same blanks as each other. Its only the livery, handle, eyes and other fitting that are dfferent and the finish.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    Quite right wobbles.

    I am surprised that many are not aware of what is involved in the manufacture of carbon fibre blanks. These blank maufacturers in the far east churn out rods by the thousands aday, mainly short baitcasting and spinning rods for the USA market.

    Some of the specialist coarse and fly rod blanks they make are a darned nuisance to these companies.

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    SONIK has a RAPIDEX warranty in place to recover any damaged parts. If you happend to break on of your rods then for £35 SONIK will send a new part and you'll have it within 24hrs. For an extra £10 that plus a 3rd rod free doesn't seem that bad to me.

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    Not if you take into account the Greys lifetime guarantee, and the price that you can get if you shop around.

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    I just wish they'd be a bit more honest. Do you go to Ford and buy a vauxhall corsa with a fiesta badge on?

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    I think daiwa still make their blanks in Scotland. What about Hardy up in Alnwick.

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    Frothey Guest


    <blockquote class=quoteheader>John Wood 8 wrote (see)</blockquote><blockquote class=quote>I just wish they'd be a bit more honest. Do you go to Ford and buy a vauxhall corsa with a fiesta badge on?</blockquote>

    no, but you can go go into SAAB and by a Vauxhall with a different badge on it....

    Buy a Sony TV and get an Samsung panel with a different badge....

    Its all in the marketting!

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