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Thread: Stalking Rod ?

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    Great video if you can find it with a guy using a 1.75 rod with 40 braid. John Helgardner I think?? Landing big carp under the rod tip.

    People land huge tarpon on 9/11 weight fly rods. Its that bend that does not lock up you want. I'd say 2.5lb would be the maximum for hit and hold, you don't want hook pulls. A spinning rod for Salmon is ideal, not more than 9' would be my suggestion too?

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    All of my carp fishing is close range, using a centrepin with an 11ft 1.75tc rod and 12lb mainline. I've turned low 30's from snags and reedbeds where as if I did the same with 3lb rods the hooks would pull. It's all a matter of balance. Plus I find it much more enjoyable fishing this style rather than camping behind buzzers.

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    Thanks for the input fellas. In the end I think I found exactly what I needed in my armoury. A Pro logic 8ft C.O.M. Raw 2.25lb tc. Only had 3 or 4 fish (to 12lb ish) on it so far, but it feels bang on in the hand. Thought y'all should know.

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