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  1. Default Homemade boilie basemix advice


    I'm an absolute beginner to the bait making game having been a stickfloat, centrepin, hemp & caster devotee.
    I'm not interested in carp (so no threat to anyone on here), but have started taking a more specimen orientated approach and using baits and tactics to try to catch bigger fish.
    I've just bought a 8mm Gardner rolling table and am having a go at rolling my own particle boilies.

    Could anyone advise what you think re my birdfood base mix below please. I'll be fishing short session on a small river to target chub, barbel, bream and roach this winter:

    250g semolina
    250g soya flour
    250g partiblend (ground)
    50g crushed hemp
    300g milk powder
    1 tsp salt

    *Liquid 1
    4-5 eggs
    50 ml evaporated milk
    50 ml liquidised sweetcorn
    20ml pineapple flavouring (natural)
    5ml blueberry flavouring
    4 drops clove E.O.
    6 drops coriander E.O.
    6 drops aniseed E.O.

    *Liquid 2
    4-5 eggs
    50ml liquid liver
    50ml evaporated milk
    2ml frankfurter flavouring
    8 drops black pepper E.O.
    6 drops chilli oleoresin

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Homemade boilie basemix advice

    SOS, your first recipe is similar to one that I used to make back in the eighties but without the crushed hemp ( not saying it's not beneficial, I just didn't include it )
    What was a popular with many carpers at the time however was to include a quarter teaspoonful MSG ( monosodium glutamate ) -- a flavour enhancer. ( try a bit on your tongue and you will taste the last thing you had to eat ).

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    You haven't said how long you are going to boil them for but I suggest that you add another binder such as wheat gluten or they might break down too quickly - especially as they are only 8mm. Good luck, it's always so much more interesting to make your own baits.

    PS. You could also include a bit of farina (potato starch).

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    Default Re: Homemade boilie basemix advice

    have a look at cc moores website they will have a few recipes on there that are a bit better than what you suggest

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    Default Re: Homemade boilie basemix advice

    "All You Need is Corn!" (da, da... da-da-da!)

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