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Thread: Bait Flavours

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    I've heard and read many times two conflicting opinions about bait flavours. There is one school that advocates heavy flavouring, even to the point of using strong flavour dips before casting. And there's the other school that says keep flavouring to a minimum. Both sides catch fish.

    Is this just another issue that has no real bearing, and that, like many angling issues, simply comes down to what the angler has confidence in?

    What do you think?

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    Kevan Garrett Guest


    I to have often wondered about this subject, and have tried many variations on the theme.On waters that are highly pressured, i have found that the carp tend to steer clear of my glugged bait, whilst the baits that did work had been left in water over night and thus were washed out.On quieter waters, i`ve found the opposite to be true.This is really bugging me, and i find myself regularly in the doctors surgery requiring medical help.

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    I think you're right about strong-flavoured baits on non-pressured waters, but there are plenty of anglers who recommend one or the other regardless of the water. I've read more than once where the same angler has recommended soaking pop-ups in a strong flavour dip (for added attraction) and then said, almost in the same breath, but leave your baits out as long as possible so that they look like freebies that have been in the water a long time, which the carp think are safe.

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    all rounder Guest


    I think the amount that goes in is the major factor here. I too have found a washed out old bait to work well on heavily stocked waters. I think to explain this you need to look at the type of anglers who fish those waters. generally its going to be a guy going there for an instant "hit", he has gone to a high stock water to get a few baites and so uses "instant" baits probably readymades, generally high in flavour. He probably replaces them every cast and rarely leaves them out there for days on end on. End result...the fish learn by association that the nice new bait has a hook in it and the old stuff sitting on the bottom for a few days is safe.
    Now look at the lower stocked waters. The type of guys going there are probably using all manner of baits, high
    flovour, low flavour, no flavor, the fish have no point of reference and so on these waters I think it makes no differnce at all.

    ....could be way off but its a theory!

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    Kevan Garrett Guest


    you could have a point all rounder, but at this moment i am fishing Horton Church Lake,and the buggers in here are all to clever for me.I have tried all i know, and lots of ideas from the super duper carpers and the buggers are having none of it.This lake is a law unto itself,so this has made me think,do all waters have there strange little ways,im sure they do,so then, i think its time we all put on our thinking caps and re-write the book of carping.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Has anyone thought about the different make up of the different types of flavours and their dispersal in the water in regards to its relative acidity/alkilinity. Other points to note may be the background smell of the water and whether your flavour enhances or contradicts it. This being why certain flavours work better on certain waters. Only a thought.....

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    all rounder Guest


    OK, first I will make it clear that I have not fished Horton or similar...too hard for me! but I will stick my neck out and say that in Church lake I think you want to look at presentaion rather than bait. This is assuming that in a lake of 14 acres you are finding the fish.
    If it was me I would try and find out whats catching (whats Del Smith using?) and jump on the back of that. Take bait out of the equation, you have enough other problems to contend with on that lake!

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    Steve Randles Guest


    I'm afraid it does all come down to the "make-up" of the flavour, or even the leak-off.
    Some flavourings wash away too quckly and others do not disperse at all ...hardly.

    Putting flavours in a boilie and then cooking it, destroys it.

    To find out how a flavour works best , dose your bait and submerge it in water, for a while.Lift it out and then have a sniff. Only testing like this will give you the confidence to settle on a correct dose for your baits.

    Tight lines

    Steve Randles

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    Cakey Guest


    lets see whats changed over 7 years..........

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    Roto Fryer 1 Guest


    was checking the ph of waters around 7 years ago and making baits tailored to the water [img]/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif[/img]

    they all catch but do they continue to catch and at what frequency. there were tests done on carp many years ago that showed that carp avoided certain baits/flavours for a month after eating where as others were consumed all the time.

    there are also many lakes where you are very unlikely to catch unless you use washed out baits.

    its about finding ways of maximising our chances. i for one would not use a bait that caught everytime you put it in the water. the magic bait!!!!

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