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Thread: River Fishing

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    Ryan Hunter Guest


    Just wanted to know if anyone new any thing on River Fishing for carp and any tattics that I would need to know. I was just planning on fishing a River. Possibly if you Know any good Rivers in the East Yorkshire area.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Ryan, this year i fished the Warwickshire Avon for barbel and started to catch carp so i had a few sessions for them and really enjoyed it! the areas i found the carp in were lined with reeds and lillys and in this case they were on the far bank, i did use boilies but only to keep the smaller species from destroying my bait, i found Richworth tutti's (frozen) worked well for me and whilst i didn't set the carp world on fire i found catching "wild" possibly uncaught carp very satisfying. One thing i found useful was backleading,not to fool the carp but to enable me to fish the far bank without having to reel in everytime a boat passed. Ryan, i have presummed you know about backleading, if i have presumed to much don't be afraid to ask.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I'll add my two penneth, but now Neil Wayte has started posting on here, I'll bow to his superior knowledge.
    And wait for him to rip my river carping article to pieces (it'll be a couple of weeks yet).
    Fish the areas you'd normally pike fish.
    Slacks, snags, bends, cut offs etc, anywhere that the flow is broken up.
    If you can spot them first, great.
    Prebait, prebait and then prebait some more.
    Fish with heavy gear.(they fight like demons)

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Rik is right, they go like stgink! from one side of the river to the other before you even think of turning the reel handle at times! and they known more snags than chub!!!

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    Mike Fidler Guest


    Had a 16 that tore off down river took nearly 100 yards and then weeded up. It was back breaking work trying to get her near a net. I've got a picture somewhere of this gorgeous silver common that looks more like a mahseer than a carp. Best of all it had never seen a hook before. I reckon we must have had about 30 to 40 fish from the river, who say's river carping is hard?

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    I'd never rip your articles to pieces Rik and I doubt my superior knowledge.I have gained lots of info from lots of very good river carpers.I don't know if I'm allowed to do this but you can buy River Carping from me by phoning 01424 717642 any evening.There is lots of good information about river carping in the book.Sorry if this is not allowed Graham but some one did ask the question.If this is removed I won't be offended.

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