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Thread: Duped!

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Be sure your sins will find you out !!!!

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    Mike Fidler Guest


    ooher! does this mean a change to the old fire and brimstone method of preaching? I'd better clean up my act quick!

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    trevor babich Guest


    Hi Guys,
    these computer thingies are very clever. The guy who transferred the fish from one guy to the other made the mistake of using the same hands.
    He should have used other hands but then that would have made it more difficult.
    If you check out my site and go into the S.A. tour operators section you will see as a printer I have noticed that this type of scam has being going on for quite some time along with some very exagerated claims about fish being caught at some commercial venues.
    Regards and compliments of the season.

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    His biggest mistake was wanting, in the first place, to con his fellow anglers, and his second was thinking we were daft enough not to see through it eventually.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Hi Trevor,
    How are you these days. We had some good times in SA all those years ago, didn't we. I will Email you seperately shortly.
    The problem as I see it with these new digital cameras is the possiblity of cheating and making any fish look bigger etc. I think we are going to see more of this sort of thing in the future.

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    There will always be cheats Ron, and you can manipulate any image on a computer no matter whether it's from a digital camera or not.

    Blame the bloody computer, it gets blamed for everything else!

    Mind you, we wouldn't be chatting like this now without them would we?

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    trevor babich Guest


    Talking of chatting I came across one of your posters who spent quite some time in South Africa by the name of Ron Clay and I have often wondered what had become of him so I e-mailed him, it will be interesting to see if it is the same chap.

    These computers have shrunk the world and the guy trying to flog his baits with false pics is getting nailed on another site. "As he sow so shall he reap"

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    Trevor, Ron has already said 'Hi' to you earlier in this thread.

    Which other site is it that nailed the guy trying to sell his baits with false pics? Are you sure you don't mean this site?

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    trevor babich Guest


    Hi Ron,sorry I missed your earlier post. Looked at myself in the mirror and decided that you have either weathered a damn side better than self or you have become a crackerjack at using Photshop (hoped the smiley worked)
    Kind Regards,

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    trevor babich Guest


    Hi Graham, please bear with me I hail from the Abacus age when it comes to computers. It was about 5a.m. S.A. time and I picked up a thread on Anglers Net bulletin board which directed me to you chaps.

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