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Thread: Mono v Braid

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    Lots of carp anglers have now reverted to using mono line instead of braid. If you're one such angler why have you gone back to mono? Do you think the braid phase was just fashionable - or was there really a good case for braid?

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    nigel catterall Guest


    Could someone tell me what the difference is anyway?

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    Re, the difference between mono and braid:

    Mono is an abbreviation of nylon monofilament, ie, it is a single strand of line made from nylon or some other, similar material. Braid, or braided line, is a number of much finer lines braided together.

    Braid is usually rough to the touch, while mono is smooth. The main advantage of braid is that it is very supple compared to mono. But now many carp anglers (and other coarse anglers) are finding that the smoothness of mono is more advantageous than the suppleness of braid. Also, mono does not need a special rig to prevent tangling.

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    I went back to using mono hooklengths after using braid for 12 months and noticed an increase in my catches. I have recently(over the last 12 months) been using fluorocarbon-Berkley Vanish- hooklengths and my catches have improved even more,not only for carp ,but for other species i.e. barbel,chub etc.Has anyone else tried fluorocarbon line and have you found a difference???

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I did for a while change all my rods to braid. Now I have changed some back to mono.
    I still use braid for distance fishing as I find I can get the extra distance with the thinner diameter without any decrease in strength.
    One rod I have definitely gone back to mono on is my marker rod.
    I found that using braid I was finding all these marvellous gravel patches. Only problem was that they were covered in weed. The braid was too sensitive and giving me a good knock knock on the drag back and then when I leaded about with a hook length attached I was dragging back in weed.
    I wasted too much time chasing non-existent patches.
    As for flouracarbon hooklengths in the right swim with the right bait...absolutely fantastic.

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    Good point about feature-finding with braid. And I'm sold on Fluoro hooklengths for much of my fishing now. There's more to fluoro than just the invisibility factor that's for sure.

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    I use braid for all my fishing now after having first tried it out some ten years ago.I would never use it as a hook length though.IMO it is far supperior to mono as long as it is used properly and most importantly of all selected properly.I tend to buy my braids by diameter rather than BS.

    Sorry a bit of a thick moment there you were obviously on about hook lengths Graham.Not main lines.

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    That's right Budgie, I was referring to hooklengths, but I didn't make that clear in the first place.

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    In terms of a hooklength IMO the biggest thing going for mono hooklengths or stiff links is the tangle free qualities. I like braid for the more natural movement it allows the bait. I am not convinced that visibility is a major factor in anything but the clearest water or when floater fishing where I think a Fluorocarbon could be an advantage….Anyone found this to be better than multistrand which is my current choice with floaters ?
    What does concern me more is the tendency of hook lengths to loop up. Even sinking braids or fluorocarbon which I am told sinks far faster than standard mono can loop quite dramatically and if you dont pull back after casting then the problem can be even worse as your hooklength will generally land in a heap on top of the lead. Putting tiny "mouse droppings" of magma or similar on it wont help either unless you use
    massive amounts. How about combi links ? I have started to play around with these more and more and I think they offer some advantages.
    I was very interested to hear "Carp anglers" experiences with braid on the plumbing rod, I have just started to do that this season and I am amazed at the difference but I am now a little concerned that it may as you say be too sensitive… anyone else found this to be a problem as well?

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    Try taking the shine off fluoro with some fine wire wool when floater fishing. Most of the time it's the reflection that gives the game away. Not too much though, or you end up losing the invisibility property.

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