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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Great write up Graham, it's got me all fired up to go chubbing myself. So I'm off in a bit. That's 3 days on the trot, but who cares? Life is for living and what better way to spend an evening by a cold, wet and muddy river bank...Ok, so I'm talking to the converted here, but I CAN see why non-anglers think we're mad !!!!

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    Sedge, no-one thinks you are mad, everyone knows for definite that you are. Especially when you post mails about chub fishing on the carp section. Though, you have to be Welsh and mad to do that properly.

    Anyway, I crossed the Bristol Avon yesterday. It's in perfect nick so I promptly booked tomorrow off and will be cluttering up its banks from dawn to after dusk. If I have some good chub and perch I shall be happy but I reckon I should have a good chance of kicking up a double figure barbel. Here's hoping for an early Christmas present.


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    Alan Roe Guest


    Thoght you might have been a bit busier this time of year Sedge??

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Oh I am Alan, I've been fishing 4 times already this week...

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    Well the river was the dogs dooda's. I have just had the best december roach catch that I can remember in a long time. At least 30lb of quality roach to 1 lb 4oz plus a 3lb chub and four perch over a pound in under 5 hours. Didn't get a barbel as hoped later on, but a very enjoyable day. What a relief to get on a river in good condition at last.

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    peter webber Guest


    Well done Dave... Does it feel good or what?

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