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    Quote Originally Posted by Shine On You Crazy Diamond View Post
    I go carp fishing 95% of the time nik. I have seen carp fishermen shouting across the lake. Getting pi$$ed up, music belting out. Coming up to me while I'm fishing 2 foot off the bank and shouting ALL RIGHT MATE, ANYTHING? It pee's me off big time.
    I'm not sticking up for anyone here but I think you'll find in all walks of life there are 'wrong uns'.
    My sentiments exactly!.

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    as Skippy pointed out there is good and bad everywhere,angling is no exception it is not just a question of Carp v match anglers where this is concerned some of the worst behaviour I have witnessed over many years has come from day ticket anglers ,even the best run clubs allow idiots to their waters but it is not long before they are sussed and thrown out .this all sounds grim but it is only a minority that cause grief to others I am afraid you must pick and choose your venues for the quiet life .
    Fancy a pint?

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    i agree with you on all walks of life as there are all sorts out there, just thought it was bad as it was a whole team of anglers not just the odd wally who never asks where abouts ya fishing so not to cast near you or the one who nedds to set his bobbins with his alarms on , i could go on and on, but a whole team cant be right, god im back in victor meldrew mode lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by nik saunders View Post
    god im back in victor meldrew mode lol
    Not at all mate. This is a forum and it got on your goat.

    If it ever happens again you could always cast at that exact moment. As the rod goes back the line could slip out your hand sending the lead flying in the wrong direction
    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

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    Quote Originally Posted by slime monster View Post
    ..... some of the worst behaviour I have witnessed over many years has come from day ticket anglers ,even the best run clubs allow idiots to their waters but it is not long before they are sussed and thrown out .
    Spot on,Dave.A good,well run club will very soon sort out the idiots and it ought to be no different on a day ticket water EXCEPT that far too many of these are anything but well run...they are just holes in the ground full of water & fish and the owners really dont give a stuff so long as people pay to fish them & nobody gets killed.

    There is one not far from me which I used to fish years ago before it got popular. Me and Phil often had the "hard" lake to ourselves of a summers evening. I went back after a break of a couple of years to find the place overun with Terry F***wit and his mates in every swim on their mobiles to God knows who...I went back once more and though it was quieter my swim was ruined by Plod dragging the lake for a body ! That's not what I go fishing for and I've never been back.

    Places run by idiots attract idiots...same as pubs. Find a couple of good clubs and have your faith restored.

    They say you are never more than 10 foot from a rat. The same is true of nobs.

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    Sadly...cos it never used to be like that and I am turning into my Dad godhelpme !

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    Alas sometimes you take your trouble with you! Have fished before with some people who seemed ok, but half a case of beer later, and prolly a flask i never saw, they couldn't stop falling into the lake! I remember one poor sod who took his other half fishing an over nighter. 2 o'clock in the morning i could hear her screaming in my ear from all of 200+ yards away as she systematicaly ridiculed his every attribute. Illegal decibal levels were reached when she apparently found out she couldn't leave him there and then cos we were locked in till the morning. I never heard a word he said tho...

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    About an hour and a half later i had a take on my rod in the near margin. I was so hopeing it was her!

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    hi all
    my local lake used to be packed with kids during the school holidays (9 years ago before i stopped) noisy as they are they wasnt really that bad,starting up again in august i managed to get on the lake early one day in september,there was 4 bivvy's set up on the other side of the lake with lights set up on and between them,looked like a street at night.they had radios,beer and the whole family,wife and kids and LOUD!!! was like a street party beside a lake,when i managed to get a night in a week or 2 later at 3am the day anglers started turning up,we have to pay to fish the night so 3am is taking the pi$* in my eyes,by 8am the lake was full!!!
    i am now in the process of researching a couple of clubs with limits on members and keys to gates to the lakes,as said above every sport,pub or even street has its nobs and a team of nobs must be impossible to fish along side!!!
    i was brought up to show respect to my elders and to treat others as i would like to be treated,maybe those values have gone now.
    rant over
    miserable 30 something

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