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Thread: nash vipers

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    Neil Cartwright Guest


    I am thinking about buying a new nash viper dome but have been put off by a few people on the bank saying that the quality is rubbish. I called a very large and well known mail order firm (name withheld for obvious reasons!)and they confirmed that there were quality problems and that were now refusing to stock any nash products. Has anyone any views on this as the design of the viper looks excellent compared to the competition.


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    all rounder Guest


    I have heard about a condensation problem with it...someone described it as a portable shower unit! However to be fair to Nash tackle, people do expect too much from a breathable fabric. As its single skin condensation will be a problem unless you shell out for the winter skin (or whatever they call it). I think they also make a Slippery Eel version now as well, but again single skin so dont expect miracles.

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    Neil Cartwright Guest


    Thanks "all rounder". I use one of the original titans and there is a bit of condensation in cold weather. I think the problem was overstated though as I never had a problem until the nights really cooled down in November/December.

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