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    Jon Read Guest


    i have just ordered a nash titan viper pre 98 model anyone have one or know if they are any good

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    andrew jackson Guest


    Jon if the Titan is pre 98 it wont be a Viper! The good news is that the pre 98 Titans were superb shelters that are far superior to the latter Titans. I have a mk1 titan and although it is fairly small it is my no 1 shelter. Once my titan is pegged out it is totaly rock solid, and even after all these years it still does not leak. If you use them as a single skin shelter in winter condensation can be a problem, but it is more of a minor inconvenience than a serious problem. The addition of a winter skin or a extream canopy will resolve the condensation issue.

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    I can concur with Andrew as i have a pre 98 titan and it is superb. Rock solid and doesn,t leak at all. It still has allthe original taped seams and is light and easy to put up, it atkes about two minute to put it up and peg it out all you need to do then if you want to is zip on the front .Mine is about 8 years old if not older and the only thing to improve it now would be a winter skin. Its just a shame that all bivvies aren,t made to this quality.

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