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Thread: XTE10000

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    mark wallis Guest


    Can anybody tell me if this reels are any good,The reason being I am going to buy new rods and reels and was thinking about these reels but some people have said they shudder when reeling in.I have never used them so I dont no. Any info would be great.Tight Lines.Mark

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    Butcher Boy Guest


    I have 3 of these reels.
    One has started to "shudder" slightly on high speed retrive's.
    But other than this I am very happy with them.

    I also have a set of 6000 GTE and have yet to see any real difference in casting.
    Save your money and get a set of 6000/8000 GTE's.

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    mark wallis Guest


    Cheers Butcher Boy I think i'll get the 8000GTE's.Thanks for the info.

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    Mark, I've had the 8,000 GTE's since they came out. Absolutely love them. For me, moving up to the 10,000's was gonna be a problem due to there not being a great difference. However, I had the opportunity of fishing a working pit of some 55 acres and to get on the fish you need to punch out 110yds plus. On this thought, I decided to buy one with a view of testing them out.
    Put it this way, I'll be part x'ing my old 8000's shortly and will definitely upgrade. They really do give you and extra 20-30 yds where it counts. I won't be looking into big pit reels either, in my opinion they are too bulky for the rods I use and these new 10,000's seriosuly do the job and compete well againts the big pit reels!

    If you decide to get a set, then shop around and you should be able to pick them up for around 105 each.

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    mark wallis Guest


    Cheers Stuart, I am just not sure what to do did you have the shudder problem when you used your one. I am going to buy 2 reels on saturday not sure yet what ones XTE10000 OR 8000GTE Thanks for your views.Mark

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    Shudder problem - my arse! to tell you the truth, if there was a major problem with a Shimano reel then they would have called them all back, that’s how they work. Also if there was a shudder problem, then many of us on here would have heard about it, not just a couple of rumours. I have no association to Shimano whatsoever, just know I haven't had any issues with mine. I tend to send mine in for service once a year which costs me 21 all in including P&P for three and they come back to me within the week.
    Fact - they are the most popular carp reel around, thousands can't be wrong.
    However, reels are like rods, in that it’s all about personal taste. Once I switched over to the Baitrunner system, I never looked back. I have caught many fish on mine and I'm 100% confident. With regard to what reel to choose from between the 8000 and the 10000 then may I suggest you consider your venue options. If you know categorically that you will be fishing small venues lets say up to 10 acres then go with the 8000's and save a few quid, but if you feel that you may occasionally fish the larger venues or there might be the possibility of doing a French trip etc, for the extra 15 quid or so, you might as well go for the 10000's. To recap, Shimano baitrunners are superb mate and I strongly recommend them. As I said earlier, I looked at the big pit reels and opted for the 8000's and 10000' due to the extra built in feature of being able to click over the bait runner and sleep easy until the buzzers go berserk and you pull into that PB. Rather that, than worry mate!

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    BTW - My opening statement: "Shudder problem - my arse!" was not an invite!!!

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    Also, if we ask Uncle Graham nicely, he'll stick the link up on here for the 10000 review!

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    mark wallis Guest


    Thanks again, After reading that looks like the 10000.You have made my mind up are you related to the Jim Royle in the Royle Family ? My Arse.All the best Mark

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    No problems matey, let me know how you get on with yours?

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