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Thread: Cat food

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    John Hawkins Guest


    Trying out the Coshida cat food recently on my local haunt - however had extreme difficulties keeping it on the hook when casting! The carp loved it over a bed of frenzied hemp - the water was boiling but getting it to them was difficult. Tried hair rigging it using a piece of grass as a bait stop. Tried putting it directly on the hook. Help!!

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    John Pleasance Guest


    Dog food is just so much more obedient!

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    MALC DOYLE Guest


    With Coshida the best one for casting as it's slightly tougher is the type in Jelly not Gravy and the best flavour for toughness is the Beef.

    And a totaly different brand is even better which is the Vitacat brand from Aldi it's a lot tougher and also got a stronger flavour.

    With the Vitacat i've never had any problems casting a bait upto 70yds on a hair.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Try putting it in the fridge overnight and keep it in a coolbag, only taking out what you need for short periods at a time.

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    Chrisx Ess Guest


    Try Asda 'Tiger', lamb and rabbit flavour (about 30p each). Most pieces stay on very well, though some go, of course. I often hair rig 3 or 4 at a time. Sometimes I use it in a hair riggeed cocktail - a trigga boilie, a dog biscuit or two (also Asda) and the lamb'n'rabbit. I drain off the sludge to use in the feeder. Yes, I do catch using the cocktail - best so far, a 5lb tench. just to finish off the advert for Asda, I use their sweetcorn too...

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    Simon Bridges Guest


    Had the very same problem.Rodney's advice re:keep it cold is a good one. I have started to use Felix in jelly as this seems a lot tougher than the rest.Its worth leaving exposed for a while as well to develop a slightly'crusty' apearance which helps considerably and does not seem to affect bites.

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    william cowen Guest


    try bakers, its superb and the carp go radged for it....

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    Robert Draper Guest


    Has anyone tried making a dog/cat food paste. I had trouble casting meat when I needed to fish the far bank recently and I found that an emergency paste of meat, jelly and ordinary white crumb carefully moulded around a hair rigged chunk caught me a couple of low doubles.

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