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    Iain Wishart Guest


    I went carp fishing during the week and actually caught a few fish. Being lazy i just used the same rigs that were left on my rods from a previous barbel session on the Ribble. The rig consisted of a semi fixed bolt rig with flurocarbon hooklink. Normally I use a braided hooklink for carp, but now i am catching on flurocarbon why should i use braid?
    When should i use braid instead of flurocarbon?

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    Chrisx Ess Guest


    I tend to use braid - hooklength and mainline if there's a strong chance of losing fish in tree roots or some kinds of reed. I used to use it all the time, but then I landed a mirror which may well have been damaged by the braid. It fought really hard, the hook had torn out and caught in its side. I now always use a mono leader if I'm using braid mainline. Otherwise, I now always use 12lb ESP flourocarbon - it's possible to tie a knotless knot in a size 10 raptor with it. The 15 lb is very much more difficult to use. I've found the knotless knot is difficult to tighten even with a large hook.

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    Chris Betts Guest


    I have used Flurocarbon (Vanish) since the start of this year. The main things I have learnt is that it is not as tough as braid under certain situations. Also The knotless knot is great for fixing on the hook but for attaching the swivel use the palomar knot. I have had water knots fail for no reason. But mainly don't use it near snags.

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