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Thread: Which Rods???

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    Steve Forshaw Guest


    Kevin Maddocks Challenger 2's at 90, Fox Rangemasters 2's at 70 or Nashy Holliguns at 99 ??

    Advice PLEASE gents

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    David Will Guest


    Daiwa Powermesh Z

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    Steve Forshaw Guest


    Why Daiwa Powermesh ?

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    Birds Nest Guest


    I'm with David, cant fault the Powermesh's...

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    Anthony Coser Guest


    I am the proud owner of 3 12 foot Tails Up Nirvanas 2.75s.They have a superb action and the fittings and rings are top quality,SICS and a Century blank for 130

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    Quantum Energy by Browning 12ft 6in, 2.75tc, fuji rings throughout, nice slim blank - nice through action but 'tippy' enough for margin stuff! 100 (and thats half price) from J & K's Bicester.

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    rob d Guest


    stapley water gardens had powermeshs for 85
    pounds if thats any help

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    David Will Guest


    Steve having viewed the rest the Powermesh rods just stood out as being better than Fox , Shimano or Nash offerings in the same cost range.I urge you to feel each rod with a reel on and line through the rings , this of course must be done in a tackle shop , it is the only way of knowing if you are going to get on with a rod.Even then it can be difficult to get it right.

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    Hadleigh Dawson Guest


    I'm looking for a rod for stalking and margin stuff. I am specifically looking for a 10ft very light rod with a hook clip if possible. Would the Powermesh fit (or get close to) this bill?

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    Roto Fryer Guest


    steve despite what the others have told you by far the best rod available in your price range is the giant available in 2.5 , 2.75, 3.00 test curve.
    it is not me that decided this but every single magazine that tested rods under 100 put the giant at the top.

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