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    Paul Williams Guest


    Neil, nice fish! i was lucky enough to find some carp on the Warickshire Avon last year and found them very exciting to fish for and very excitable when hooked! no specials baits to waste time on just locate and catch, a mucka and myself had a fair few doubles to 18+ and i lost a biggy, the nice part was that i felt like a kid who had found his own little fishing world, i'll also be back!!

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    Paul do you know anything about this 48lb 8oz common that was reported from warks avon last year.There are also rumours that some more big fish have been seen.Anglers Mail contacted me about it.Rumours of more 40's.

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    Not sure what you think but I belive some of the fish getting caught from rivers are imports that have been chucked in as there was no buyer found for really big fish from the Mole springs to mind and there are a few others that are on the possible list.
    Not sure how widespread this is or if it makes any difference anyway as import or not you still have to catch them but its just as well to be aware of it.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Neil, to be honest when i first heard of the 48 i was very sceptical, now i'm not sure, i do know that there are a lot of carp in there and they are in pockets of quite a few fish, find the right group of fish and there could well be some surprises.
    Philip, i'm sure some individual fish are "refugees" but i think in the case of the Warks Avon the carp have moved in from the local canals that feed the river, some of these canals were stocked with small carp.

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