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    Shrek Guest


    If I am tying my own rigs, using a knotless knot (or anything else for that matter), how do you tie a loop small enough to hold a hair stop? From ready tied rigs that I've seen, it seems almost impossible to tie using your fingers.

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    It doesn't matter if it's a large loop providing the 'hair' that lies between the bait and the hook is a single strand. And it doesn't matter too much if it's a loop (double strand) all the way from the hook to the stop.

    If you want a small loop then tie a big one and then tease it down to a small one with the hair needle. Or buy one of those little gizmos from Gardner that tie small loops:

    <a href=>Get Knotted</A>.

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    Shrek Guest


    Thank you. I'll definitely be giving that a go.

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    Chris Betts Guest


    Why do you want a small loop. I tie mine about 10mm long. As long as its all in the bait then I am OK with it. Besides its easier to get the hair stop in a bigger loop.

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    Shrek Guest


    I suppose, being new to this whole area of hair rigged baits, I am in the dark somewhat as to how the whole thing fits together.

    Do I therefore understand that the process, for a standard hair rig say, is as follows:

    1. Push your baiting needle through whatever you are using for bait
    2. Hook the hairstop loop with the needle and draw back through the bait
    3. Repeat this for however many rigged baits you are putting on the hair.
    4. Once you've put all these on, you put the stop into the loop.
    5. You then slide the hair rigged baits back down the hair till they hit the stop.

    Sorry if this is really basic stuff, it's just that I've never used them before and want to get this right.


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    Rob Stubbs Guest


    That sounds exactly like I do it. I assume you tie the hair loop 'before' tying to the hook ? If not then doing so will ensure the hair is the perfect length.


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    Carp Angler Guest


    Sounds perfect to me Adrian.

    Have a look at the Question of carp series and if you have any questions, mail Stuart or Graham to get them answered to a more in-depth level.

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    Cakey Guest


    Big loops with my eyes is a must,but Ive seen Stuart using a little gizmo that ties nice sized loops, very easy, have word with him.

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    It's the same Gardner Gizmo I mentioned above Cakey.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Hair rigging fair sized lumps of meat and other soft baits can be a problem. Other than cutting an extra long boilie stop or using a bit of grass, anyone any other ideas?

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