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    Ok, I know it’s early, but these things need to be sorted well in advance, especially when booking the right venue. As you know the last one was held at Hunts Corner in Oxford and the pigeon-keeping northerners had to travel further than most. This time, I think it should be held further up ‘tut’ north as way of compromise. Also it’ll be a tad earlier next year as we need to avoid the blanking spawning. At this stage I’m only trying to suss out venues big enough to carry 30 anglers etc. No doubt me Cakey and Roto will be rounding up the numbers later but as stated, its important we get the right venue in advance and book it Danno!

    Any suggestions?????

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Penns Hall Carp Fishery
    Penns Hall Hotel and Country Club
    Penns Lane
    Sutton Coldfield
    West Midlands

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    At around 7 acres, it is effectively a long and thin pool, which was made by the damning of a small river.

    There is an inlet stream and sluice out, weed, gravel patches and firm areas, silt, a cracking snag tree which the carp love, a corking island with a willow on, a few reed beds and small bays, and lots of overhanging trees and interesting margins.

    On the whole, the venue is quite shallow and was clear when we saw it. No doubt in the winter the water will cloud up a bit with the coloured water brought in through the stream. With depths of 5ft the end nearest the hotel is deeper than the top end of the pool, and the margins on the canal bank side are deep enough to take fish from a rod length out.

    Swims for Comfort
    On the side that you can walk onto the venue the bank is similar to a canal towpath i.e. hard compacted gravel - difficult to get tent pegs and bank sticks into. A pod and a Titan are essential items of kit, but the other side of the pool is soft and banksticks can be pushed into the ground quite easily. In the main, the swims are flat and comfortable, although the trees on the canal bank side do make casting a bit tricky in places, especially at night, as the patch is so narrow.

    Fish Size / Stocking
    There were some carp in the venue because Fosters took it over, but not really enough to make it a valid proposition as a day ticket water. This has been rectified with the purchase of a good head of doubles and four 20's. Richard Foster thinks that there were two 20's in the water before they got hold of it and the pool record to date, is 26lb. It cannot really be classed as an easy 20's water though as there are so many doubles around the 14lb mark, you need to wade through a load of fish to get to the bigger fish.

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    Good one Chef! keep-em coming mate!

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    Alan Roe Guest


    Selby three lakes ...super bit of water with fish up to 30lb in it

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    Andrew Miller Guest


    It might have change now but last time I was at Penn Hall the far bank was stalking area only

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    Andrew Miller Guest


    i.e no heavy lead allowed

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Penns Hall is also now a syndicate, so would be no good.

    Can Graham get us Plex or Crabmill?

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    Birds Nest Guest


    "Can Graham get us Plex or Crabmill?" Damn, I'm sure there is a joke there....

    Sounds good, about time I put an appearence in at a fish in....

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    Gary Knowles Guest



    Plex is too small and Crabmill is rockhard as far as the carp are concerened. The slightest noise and no chance of a fish. And on a 'do' like this we tend to make a little noise !!!!!

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