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    Iain Wishart Guest


    I'm looking to buy a new umbrella to replace my aging 50 inch Wavelock Nubrolli and mini storm sides. I want a brolly that is lighter in weight but offers the same sort of coverage. My first choice at present is a Nash Oval - can anybody suggest a better choice?
    Thanks in advance

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    steve flook Guest


    There aint a better brollie than the Nashy Oval. Although they do sometimes leak at the seams.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I've got the Nash Oval plus and although it leaked initially <sigh, thanks Mr Nash> it certaily gives good coverage and is very quick to erect.

    I painted it with the Evostick equivalent of Thompsons Waterseal and Aquasure'd the seams inside and it's been perfick since.

    I believe other people sell an alternative, but I'm uncertain of prices and availability.

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    Chris Betts Guest


    I have a NAsh oval plus, it has never leaked or let me down. I can recommend them.

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    Wag Guest


    How can you guys recommend something which has the sole purpose of being waterproof, when you have to paint the thing with waterproofing agent as soon as you get it home from the shop?
    If it isn't waterproof it's not fit for it's intended purpose and should be returned.
    Manufacturers get away with producing sub-standard products like this because no-one complains.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I think that Roto has questioned the mighty Nash empire on this one and they state that nowhere in their literature does it state that the product is waterproof.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    The best brolly I have ever seen is the Relum Brotel.

    I have a rather decrepid green plastic thing that I picked up at a car boot for a fiver. It will have to do me for many many years....[

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    Iain Wishart Guest


    Thanks for the response guys - living in the Lake District any brolly i buy had better be waterproof!!!!

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    John McLaren Guest


    I bought a Leeda Windbreaka (I swear it's the beans!) last year and was delighted with it. Waterproof, flat back and plenty of headroom at just under 50. Sadly it was nicked with my other tackle and whilst replacing everything I was persuaded to go for a Preston Innovations flat-back job as being identical - it's not! Having said that it ain't bad, just not as good and a touch heavier.

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    Alan Roe Guest


    You could have a look at the review I did of the Badger overnighter oval Brollie ....I'm happy with mine

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