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    adam Dorontic Guest


    what are you lots views also monk what is your email address

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    andrew jackson Guest


    I dont like flavours and have not used them for about 9 years now. Prior to cutting them out I was using them in small quantities combined with an essencial oil. Most flavours work best at the recomended dose or below, with the odd rare exeption. If smell is important to you I would recomend using a couple of ml of your chosen flavour with a complimenting essencial oil. Again when I used essencial oils I used them at below the recomended dose. I would then include a natural extract to boost the atractivness of the bait Minamino being a good example. The great thing with natural extracts is that it is pretty hard to overload a bait with them, unlike flavours or oils. Adam I am also a local angler who lives near Oldham, please feel free to Email me if you want to discuss any specifics. You never know I may have some experience on the waters you are fishing. My Eamil is

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    Cakey Guest


    does the warm and cold theory still hold ,ie lower levels in the summer and higher levels in the winter ?

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    andrew jackson Guest


    I think it all depends upon what flavour, water and type of application. I remember a few years back getting seriously burned by adding maximum levels of Solar esterblend 12 to fish a bobbins water in winter. I was working on the small quantities of highly flavoured bait approach. I would have caught more fishing bread flake. It turned out that those fish were very easy to catch, but just would not tollerate high flavour levels. I went from blanking, to catching up to 15 fish in a day, and the only thing I changed was my flavour level. Personaly I would only ever consider fishing a over flavoured bait, as a single hook bait. What I tend to do is boost my baits natural attractors in winter.
    One thing that is real food for thought is that Mainlines Grange and Active Eight have proven to be superb all year round baits, yet there is no artificial flavours in them at all.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Andy, I had an absolutely stunning winter several years back, on a reasonably hard water by fishing a yellow bird seed with 2.5mls of Hutchies Chocolate Malt per egg.

    I'd say that 10mils per pound is very, very high, but I really did take the place apart and I was putting in about 5 to 7kgs a week (another reason that I had such a good winter) and they were eating the lot.
    (only about 35 carp in the lake)

    Apart from that time, then like you, I've steered clear of most flavourings, prefering a natural food source.
    As I've proclaimed on this forum on many occasions, Activ-8 has been catching for me for 5 odd years, so I see no real reason to change.

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    Dave Rothery Guest


    Didnt Hutchy talk about someone using 50ml (or something like that) of choc malt in a bait and taking a place apart. He wasn't recommending it (and getting accused of trying to sell lots of flavour)but being the type of base it was, you could get away with it. No way you could do that with ethyl alchohols, which is why sometimes people over flavour the bait - they think you use 5ml whatever.

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    Cakey Guest


    Im off boilies at the moment but when I used to roll my own my summer and winter bait were the same ,in the winter I used to glug a days boilies and it always seemed to work for me.

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    The Monk Guest


    email Adam,

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