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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Anyone got info on carping in the Morecambe area? I am travelling down from Scotland and I fancy some time with the carp. I prefer a water with a good chance of a 20, but upper doubles would be welcome. (ohhh..and I have been carping for 23 years, so no small carp bagging waters please)

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    andrew jackson Guest


    Dear Rob
    Only one real contender here. Wyreside Fisheries, Hampton lane,Dolphinholm, Lancaster, Lancs. 01524792093 or www. . Situated about twelve miles south of Morecombe as the crow flies. Five lakes of varying difficulty plenty of twentys up to thirty five plus. This venue produced the county record. Good amenities, including tackle shop and a BAR. Looks like you just struck gold. Go catch a whacker my friend.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Andrew, thanks for that, I know Wyreside, I fished there about 7 years ago. Also fished a private water not far from there where, on the first night I had 43 doubles!!!!!! In 4 days I totalled just over 2300lbs of carp...not bad really!!! All on trout pellet boillies. Alas, that water is no longer available to me, so I have to go back to reality!
    I will check Wyreside again as i have heard so good reports on the place. Thanks once more for the information.
    If you ever travel to Scotland for Pike or Carp, let me know and I will try and point u in the right direction!

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