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    Paul Haycock Guest


    Can anyone tell me of any venues (Birmingham area) that allow carp fishing in the night as i know of only three.All are out side Birmingham

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    The following information was sent in by Stewart Bloor:
    Hi, trust this information will be useful.
    The park lakes in Birmingham contain carp but don't fall into the night fishing criteria that you request. In any case, pitching a bivvie on Edgbaston reservoir, Salford lake etc in the city would probably attract the wrong person. In these days security and safety must be paramount !!
    You may need to look a little bit beyond the city boundary, perhaps the following may be helpful :
    1. Larford lake (near Stourport). A 24 hour ticket costs 10 for each rod. I was actually there last weekend and had a common 10-4-8. It contains carp in the 20 - 30 lb bracket. I can search out the number if you require it.
    2. Shatterford lakes (near Kidderminster). Not sure of the price, but would imagine it's in the region of Larford. Again, big carp there. Telephone number is 01299 861597.

    Although you asked about day ticket waters, it may be worthwhile considering a season ticket on some waters I've listed below. The problem with the day tickets is that it can soon become expensive. For example, if you wanted to fish Larford with 3 rods it would cost you 30 for a 24 hour session, whereby with the following you can fish as many times as you want. The advantage as well with a season ticket is you can really focus on the water and get to know it well.
    3. Himley Hall (near Dudley). It is a day ticket water but there is also a night syndicate. I was a member 2 years ago fishing for tench. Got broke a couple of times by big carp but did manage to land fish up to 12-3-0. There are carp in the 20-30lb bracket. It is operated by Dudley Council so the syndicate card is easy to obtain. I'll give more details if required. Telephone number is 01902 - 324093.
    4. Island Pool (near Dudley). A ticket at 60 allows day fishing as well. There is a secure car park and an island to fish from which is really nice. Again carp in the 20 - 30 lb. I fished the water last year,n not for carp but did catch some nice fish into doubles. I'll search out the number if you're interested.
    5. Walcot West Lake (near Craven Arms). Operated by Ludlow AC, the East lake is BAA (no night fishing). A season ticket is 25. Telephone 01584 873577
    6. Fosters tackle shop on Kingstanding Road, kingstanding have a specialist carp section. You may want to go along and have a chat with the guys behind the counter. I'm sure they can be of help.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of further help.My e-mail number is
    Stewart Bloor

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    Paul Haycock Guest


    Thanks for the E-mails i have received on this subject, I will let you know how i get on with some of the venues.

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