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Thread: I hate you

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    Cakey Guest


    Is there anybits of tackle you hate?
    Mine is my bivvy,its ok until time to put it away,never ever fits back in the bag without a major fight and me shouting "I hate you" at it.

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    Thats cos you take it down wrong Cakey. Inside your dome you have an 'inner section' which is pegged in. Remove this first then roll it up. Then take down the 'outer section' and roll that up, that way it packs down real easy. You fik git!

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    After being a member of this site for about 4 months I have now got to know who the personalities are and appreciate the brillant sense of humours!

    God help 3 Lakes - is Gordon prepared?


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    Baz, no-one can prepare you for us lot going to Selby!!!!

    P.S. - I'm not sure I agree with your comments about sense of humour mate, just look how deadly serious I am by my face!

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    Les Clark Guest


    Baz, im sorry to say ,but that man is a southener,and he sets the standed!!!!, we are going to get hammered.

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    Stand'ed, stand'ed, read all about it!

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    Mike Lee Guest


    There's one bit of tackle I've hated from time to time, got me into more trouble than I care to mention.....

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    I am a new member to the site and look forward with interest to the amusing comments that i have seen so far

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    every time I see your new mug shot I expect to hear a pop and your expression to change to one of sheer delight with a sigh, you'll need to use your other account to do a before and after post.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    or make up a .gif file.

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