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    Paul Haycock Guest


    Last year i went to the show only to be let down by the number of companies that did not attend ie FOX, Shimano and the other big companies. The only one that i can remember seeing was Daiwa who had a good range of there goods on show. This is the ideal time for us to look and feel the goods the companies are tring to sell to us with adverts in mags and so on.It is like having ford and vauxall missing from the car shows it would not happen.

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    Vic Woodley Guest


    my son and i went to the Go Fishing at the N.E.C and we both thought it rubbish, not many big companies small outfits selling would you beleive aromatheropy for fishermen ?essential oils?whats happening ? if thats all they have to offer i certainly won't be going again.selling huge launches for deep sea fishing,just to fill in was like the boat show and ideal home exhibition rolled into one.all in all a complete waste of time and money getting their i'd rather have gone fishing!!!and cars as well

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    Paul Haycock Guest


    Yes i have to agree with you. What where the cars there for anyway. Again this years show was proberbly half the size of last years.
    This could be the greed of the NEC i have been told by a few takle dealers now that it can cost 6000.00 to put a stall up for the two days in which they would have to sell 12000.00 before breaking evan. You would think with the car parking fee 5.00 and the entrance fee they could let the takle dealers put a stall up for a lot less thus more shops attending pulling in more people and having a show to look forward to next year rather than me not bothering next year.

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    Stephen Booth Guest


    Hi Paul i too went to the event along with my dad and grandad. We all thought that it was a waste of time and money and we shall not be going back.

    Good luck with your quest
    Steve Booth

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