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    Paul Hawkins Guest


    I know there is a web site for it but I'm b***ered if I can find it!
    If anyone has the address or some personal info on the place (hope to fish it next weekend) I'd be most grateful.

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    Darren Wilson Guest

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    Around Swindon aren't you? Pop into Hinders, they will probably have the new Linear catalogue.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Follow the wind and don't fish it at weekends (it's too busy)

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    Darren Wilson Guest


    Also be very careful if it is raining or has been raining as you walk along the road bank.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Oh yes........

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    mark tullett Guest


    What's this about raining & the road bank? not worried about sliding in are you? just grab @ a bivvy on the way past!

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    Darren Wilson Guest


    Not worried about falling in , more worried about slipping over and landing on the rod holdall!!!! It don't half hurt the ribs landing on one )

    Could be even worse if you are pushing a barrow along it!!! I see at least 2 slide down the bank whilst there last year. Luckily nothing ended up in the lake.

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    David Will Guest


    If you have an aversion to rats avoid St Johns !

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