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    Default help fox stratos reel, spool.

    can anyone tell me how to replace the black front knob onto the fox stratos 7000 spool.
    i took the knob of the spool, but it wont go back on, it just clicks and wont engage onto the spool so you can see the spool release button in the centre.
    this stops the clutch tightening, and the black knob just falls off.
    hope this makes sense, and any help would be great.

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    Hi TC1 I cant follow your post mate sorry ?. But in breif send it back to Fox their customer services are really good.
    PS you should have got a Shimano LOL

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    as i took off the front clutch knob on the spool to see the shims i could not get the clutch knob threaded back on.

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    Tc1 sory mate now I understand and guess what send it back to fox LOL. Most reel are a little fiddly to get the spool top cap back on due to the fine threads and plastic cap be careful mate don't cross thread the cap.

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    rung up the shop i bought it from they have the same problem with all there reels in stock so swopped it for a shimano xt ra 8000 reel.

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    Top man now you arte on the right track have you loaded the Shimmy up with line yet ?

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