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Thread: Boilies

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    Ooops!! I think I may have pushed the wrong button earlier!...I am the fake Dave Cooper!

    I heard a rumer (from a very reliable source) that a particular bait manufacturer sent some bait out to their european distributer which had to be tested for content because of Foot & Mouth.
    The bait was of a Liver base (that should give you a clue!) , but the lab that tested the bait (boilies) passed it on to the destributer because there wasn't any trace of any Liver what so ever, not even a flavour!!!....makes you think, doesn't it?!



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    Paul Williams Guest


    Don't do that....we have enough trouble with one Cooperman!!!!
    Yes it certainly does make you think!! think rip off!!! at least i know TF's work!!

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    "Ooops!! I think I may have pushed the wrong button earlier!...I am the fake Dave Cooper!"

    Thank Gawd For That! I thought I had turned into a handsome carp catching bloke with amnesia for minute! I would hate to have caught a fish like that mirror, Gaffer, and then forgotten I had.


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    Iain Wishart Guest


    Talking of boilies....has anybody bought frozen boilies from a bait rolling firm like the Bait Company?
    The choice and prices seem reasonable...any recommend choice of bait?
    And no...I ain't Dave Cooper either....he is becoming some sort of celebrity!!

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    Andy Thatcher Guest


    I use the Bait Company. Have been for a couple of years. They are reliable and will make the bait to your exact specs.
    Regarding mixes that is down to the type of waters you fish and the way you fish them. That said as it is becoming warmer now I'd go for something fishy. Activ8, Nutra's BFM for example.

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    John Tait Guest


    Home-made every time, Graham - the base mix is to my own recipe, there is just me and my nephew using it, and it catches everywhere we use it.

    It is basically a 50/50 milk protein/birdfood mix, BUT with a far higher level of one of the birdfoods than is normally used, plus 10% of another ingredient/atrractor which is normally (as far as I can make out) used at 25g per.kilo.

    And yes, these levels are perfectly safe, as far as these two aprticular ingredients are concerned - it is merely the cost which keeps the levels of these ingredients low in commercially-produced baits.

    And no, please don't ask !!


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    Andy Thatcher Guest


    Jonty the bait baron ?

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    Going back to Grahams original question…I know its a gross over simplification but I think the general consensus is that Readymades are generally looked on as short term, low food value, high flavour level, high attract baits while baits you mix yourself are seen as lower flavour level food baits for longer term use. Trouble is I dont see it that simply. I could go on for ages here but basically I think a lot of this short term long term stuff is in the head of the angler rather than what is actually happening out there in the lake. I think its all too easy to have one blank and suddenly say "right the baits blown, time to change" This is what leads anglers into a bait making hell and they begin to think that bait is the be all and end all.….5mls of this 3 drops of that but Ooooohhhhh dont put in 4 drops or the end of the world is nigh!!!
    I have seen Carp sucking in stones, wood, bits of plastic and endless other **** that has to be far worse for it than picking up a bolie with 15mls of sweetener in it! I accept that in some mega stocked makes where anglers baits are part of the stable diet then we do have an obligation to ensure our baits are safe but then again what exactly is
    safe ? Where are the guidelines to say what the safe levels are for each additive ? I wonder if people worried about it in the days of Kitekat specials ? It does make me laugh. Think about it, on one hand we are saying something like 10 drops of flavour "X " is excessive and it could harm those poor fish and in the same breath we are slinging out a bait with a hook attached with the sole intention of jamming it into the very same fishes gob!
    IMO its the start of a downward spiral where we are taking the fun out of everything….sorry I digress…..

    Basically I dont want to be worrying about bait (bolies). I think there are loads of people out there who know a great deal more about bait ingredients than me so I just buy it off them! My current choice of bolies when I fish on rivers is quite simply the cheapest readymade I can find! If I fish a venue where I think the fish have been pressured and "pretty" baits (may) be viewed with suspicion then I use the Grange… the standard CSL recipe. I am not certain that it makes a huge difference over using a readymade as I have not done any proper trials so to speak but I do know that I feel more confident sitting behind a rod that has it on in these situations and I think that counts for a lot.

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    Andy Thatcher Guest


    Phil, of course you are right regarding the use of readymades as a long term bait. No problem. I have experimented between ready mades, by ready mades I mean your basic bag of boilies not frozen bait, and self made. The self made if made with a little common sense will out catch the ready made by a margin after 3-4 weeks. The ready mades won't blow, never come across a blown bait for carp by the way, they will continue to catch it is just the frozen/freshly made bait will out catch them. I prefer making, should be having bait made, with the attractor levels at a reduced level for example using 2mls instead of 5. This seems to me to speed up the acceptance of a bait as a food source. There is a bait I have used that this doesn't seem to work for me though and you picked it the Grange. I don't change for rivers as this method works for me. The bottom line is that you use what you find works. Back to that word confidence !

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    David Whitmill Guest


    I've bought some Nash Monster Pursuit ready mades and wondered if anyone knows what's in them? I assume they're made from Monster Pursuit base mix.
    Are they as good as ones I could make myself if I bought the base mix and additives, obviously it would work out cheaper to make them myself.
    Has anyone used Monster Pursuit and have any opinions on it?

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