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    please can anyone help me being new to commercials i can catch on my quiver tips but cant catch on the waggler no bites even anyone have a reason or advice thanks

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Very basically.......

    it depends on the stock density of the venue.
    High levels of smaller fish, then up in the water and spraying maggots.
    A pinch very minute or so.

    Bigger fish, then it's probably maggot again, unless plagued by rudd, and feed less often and fish on the deck.
    Corn or paste over pellet also scores, especially now the water is starting to warm up.

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    May still be a tad cold for margin fishing but try this a few days after the cold nights disappear.
    Try under overhanging trees, along reed beds, and places you may think no-one usually fishes. 3-5ft deep

    6lb main line, 3lb hooklength.(I use Middy Lo viz)
    size 10 preston pr24 hook (or the eyed one)

    3 No 4 or 2bb crystal waggler (prefer the drennan ones myself)

    Bulk shot round float , one no.8 or 10 telltale shot 4" from hook (experiment from 2 to 8" to find optimum for bite registration once bites are forthcoming)

    set depth initially with bait just touching bottom, if no joy connecting with bites try setting depth so telltale shot just touches bottom and bait slightly laid on. (note float tip just not quite settling)

    try cat meat (coshida beef) cut corner to corner.(pyramid shape)
    thread whole hook through point of pyramid, twist and pull back into base.
    or try pellets (Nash betaine), boilies or corn on hair rig.
    Alternativeley try luncheon meat (the van de eynde (?) strawberry seams to works well, but so does the normal supermarket stuff.
    dont use cubes, tear meat into irregular pyramid shapes and hook as above.

    And lastley patience. dont strike every movement.
    Only your own experience will really help here.
    carp will 'feel' the line or waft around and the small light float may dip, raise, quickly sink and raise again.
    on those days when you dont seem to be able to hit these bites, just wait with your hand on your rod because for all their wafting about when they want it it will go (and so may your rod if youre not ready).

    Sooner or later you can tell when a bite is really 'moving off' with the bait through timing or seeing the angle and way the float enters the water.

    Remember this will pull allsorts of fish in besides carp. Try large chunks of meat golfball size for the biggies.

    And now for a bit of poaching....
    At the end of the day when the other anglers throw their unused bait into the margins, note where its gone, leave it for half an hour then fish over it. Usually works for a nice bonus fish.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes.

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    Almost forgot, as carp anglers post feed little.
    With cat meat I onlty crumble up one cube at a time and feed over float every 2 minutes or so.
    Or same with luncheon meat.

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    wow what a weekend thanks to every one for the advice on commercial waggler fishing i had 22 tench to 5lbs and 3 carp to 9 lbs all thanks to our members again thank you for my best ever days fishing steve

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    Big Rik Guest


    sounds like a fantastic session Steve.
    What tactic worked best for you on the day, or did you swap and change?

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    Excellent session Steve, keep us informed of any 'discoveries'.

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