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    Default Birmingham Waters

    Hi All.

    I've got two particular waters in mind in this post....Salford Park (Aston) and Penns Hall Syndicate.

    Salford: Fished it for years on anf off (couple visits a year tops due it the nature of its reputation). My kid brother had a 14 out, my cousin has had a couple upto about the same size....everytime i've hooked ive always been unfortunate, either snagged or snapped or bumped etc.

    Anyone know what its like at the moment? I always intend to do a night there in the summer but it gets seriously packed out every friday when i've tried....what sizes are coming out of there now?

    Also, Penns syndicate...i find little info for this place on the web......i also fished this place for years and never caught a thing although i was generally hitting it for the larger roach and perch in there (before it was made syndicate)...Looking at joining it this coming year but was interested to know what its like now? do public still have access or is it gated and any general info on it would also be great

    Thanks all


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    Default Re: Birmingham Waters

    my m8 waz in penns syndicate its run by fosters tackle shop,think its 230quid a year membership......ive never fished it personally so i dont know,but my m8 reckons theres loads of 20+ carp & sum gud pike.....he's had his pb from there 23pd.....but i remember him sayin u couldn't fish 1side of the lake & lot of anglers use bait boats there!

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    Think if you go to salford park it's best to go with a mate or more,brother in law had a 25lber out a couple of years ago then heard about a couple of lads being cs gassed and robbed so never went again,shame as there is nice fish in there,some beauts in edgbaston ressa but it's that thick with weed and you have to watch your back,yet again.

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