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    Default Greenhalgh Lodge nr. Kirkham


    Looking to fish this in the very near future and looking for tips/peg advice.

    I know it's a runs water, not been out for a while so need a confidence boost.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Greenhalgh Lodge nr. Kirkham

    greenhalgh has seen many changes over the years and none for the better really. it is no longer a runs water as many of the fish have been removed as the owner wants to turn it into some sort of Blackpool gigantica! blanks are common now.
    I fished it from when it first opened and when it turned into a match venue. the Tatics I witnessed where disgraceful, sea hooks with bait gripper spikes to hold paste on, hair rigged biro springs again to hold paste on. the fish were a mess, hardly any lips left on the poor things. fast forward a bit a the match scene died off, the fish recovered and grew. last time I fished it I had 165lbs in 4 hours, hair rigged pellet and pva mesh. that was when it was a runs water, that was 7 years ago.
    I won't fish there again myself but a couple of mates do, they regularly blank. you can't night fish and only ONE may be used.
    hope that helps

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    Default Re: Greenhalgh Lodge nr. Kirkham

    What does" its a runs water " mean?

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    Default Re: Greenhalgh Lodge nr. Kirkham

    Quote Originally Posted by mikench View Post
    What does" its a runs water " mean?
    It's a long way to the toilets!

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    Default Re: Greenhalgh Lodge nr. Kirkham

    Quote Originally Posted by mikench View Post
    What does" its a runs water " mean?
    Essentially that it's a relatively easy water where, provided you get your tactics, bait and location, right on the day, anybody fishing will get lots of runs in a relatively short time. It's a term generally used by the big carp types (buzzers, boilies, bivvies, bedchairs etc). Though the size of the water is immaterial, it's the opposite of a fifty acre gravel pit with ten carp in it. A big carp complex like Linear Fisheries has a mix of waters ranging from runs waters to tougher waters with low numbers of big fish.

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