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    Default info on the yonne and vienne

    Hi folks,i am after some info on the above mentioned,i have fished both but will be travelling around these areas in may and im after some good advice regarding sections of unspoilt areas,somewhere i wont see another angler,or the just the odd 1
    I would be interested in weirs,catch rates and sizes,baiting,waiting times etc,as much general info available as any info no matter how obscure could help

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    Default Re: info on the yonne and vienne

    Hi Everton

    (hope Sheamus is ok - looked nasty).

    I have book by Phil Pembroke (got it online) Angling In France - if you can give me the departments I'll have a troll thru - not fished those rivers.

    Make sure you get a carte de peche - the fishing police are big blokes!

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    Default Re: info on the yonne and vienne

    Cheers hugh,i think our seamus is out for at least next season to put it mildly,no need for challenges like that
    im not too sure of the region,somethings telling me its 59,dont know why,probably wrong

    What im after is secluded areas within 2okm of confolons or limoges,the wider the river the better,i know a few lumps have graced the bank
    There is also a few lakes im interested in too,1 is maulde,bloody big water which will give us a nightmare on peg selection

    any information gleaned will be a great help,cant beat a heads up
    i know only6 too well about the guard de peche,had a run in on lac du madine and lac du pardoux,stubborn buggers who would not let it go
    Even with guns they were never in a million years confiscating my gear

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    Default Re: info on the yonne and vienne

    Will have a look and get back to you - am working away at the mo so will be Friday earliest.

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    Default Re: info on the yonne and vienne

    much appreciated mate

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