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Thread: Frozen Boilies

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    Default Frozen Boilies

    I've made some boilies from ground bait and egg and keep them in the freezer - I've covered them in a fish oil (spicy prawn and squid), what I want to know is if I take some to use, after thawing out can I put any left over boiles back in the freezer for the next time and will they be ok?
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    I wouldn't bother trying to refreeze them after they had thawed out as Bacteria starts to breed.
    What i would say to you is, when transporting them to your fishing destination try and keep them in an old Flask, one of the newer unbreakable ones preferably, as it keeps them a lot fresher and keeps them slightly chilled until you want to use them.

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    You can refreeze them but it would be more sensible to only take the amount you require and what is left over use for feed the next time.

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    Whenever I get a kilo bag of boilies I break them down into 5 smaller bags of 200 grammes. I take out what I think I'll need for each session and air-dry them fully overnight before each session. I never re-freeze them.

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