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Thread: Moving South

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    Thanx all for the feedback!
    Frothey, you don't half look like Zakk Wylde!

    Frank, GIVE UP COARSE FISHING!!!!, are you even allowed to say that on this website!?
    It looks like I will certainly be learning how to sea fish though, it would be insane not to. As for knocking coarse fishing on the head, well that can't happen it would have my old Grandad turning in his watery, coarse fish-filled grave! I will just have to do a few more miles a week!

    John, I will hold you to that, I will still be doing the occasional trip to my family in Scarborough, via The Wharfe and Swale of course! So the border guards better get ready!

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    Frank "Chubber" Curtis Guest


    Sorry Bed but having no rivers and only commercial bagging waters to fish just aint my cup of tea mate.

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    I will just have to drive to the Avon, I do a regular 120 mile round trip to the Wharfe and sometimes a 180 miler to the Swale so I suppose the Avon won't be out of the question. And like you say I have a whole new Sea fishing adventure to start too.

    Am I trying to convince myself here?! mmmmm

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    Bed, don't forget the Exe, some good coarse fishing there and also the Tone just up the motorway into somerset and King Sedgemoor Drain I think it's called.Where abouts are you moving to anyway?

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    I'm surprised, having read back through the posts, that nobody has suggested the easterly part of Devon or west Dorset, you would have the best of both worlds then. You would be in easy striking distance of the Frome, Stour, Avon and gawd knows how many pools. Take the kids to the seaside as well, keep the missus happy and its a lovely area too. Go on, be a devil, annoy Frothey and move in.

    Politicians, like diapers, have to be changed frequently - and for the very same reason

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    Frothey Guest


    maybe i AM zakk wylde.....just ask cakey, he's heard me (and my litlle'un) playing crazy train

    frank, there are loads of non commercial ressies, not the easiest fishing, but what do you want? apart from rivers!

    really cant believe that someone would rather live up north than in the southwest, other than the fishing and the wages!

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    keith reid Guest


    sorry to say this Bed , but some of the negative advice you've been given is misleading. The coarse fishing in Devon can be excellent. If you want big perch, excellent river bream and carp, and nice (non commercial) stillwaters, then Devon has a lot to offer. Don't forget the mullet. Check out the Newton Abott ang club websitr for example. If you want more specific details gimme an email. keith.

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    Frothey Guest


    south devon definately has the better coarse fishing....

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    Graham, thats what I want to hear! Thanx for the pos feedback, and thanx to all I haven't been on the site for a while now till this question popped up and I'd forgot what a sociable bunch of chaps we anglers are!
    Smoke, it looks like Tiverton is a likely choice but I am off on a recce on the 4th of june to Braunton, sort of half holiday for the boys first birthday and half info gathering trip so I'm still in the process of deciding on an area to move to.
    Frothey, I'm a bit of an axe wielder myself, but the boy just plays bow and arrow with the strings at the moment, I'll make a Stevie Ray or a Ray Walton out of him yet tho!

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    Frothey Guest


    tiverton puts you closer to better fishing......braunton puts you closer to beaches and short skirts!
    i live nearer braunton......

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