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Thread: Two New Records

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    Simon Vicos Guest


    So the Carp and Barbel records fall to more repeat captures.

    The Angler who caught the Carp now says he will leave Conningbrook having caught the biggest fish in the lake. How very sad.

    And that poor Barbel trapped in a small stretch of even smaller river, it needs to eat sometime.

    Too much pressure on these fish

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    Personally I feel there is something not quite right about the continual purposeful capture and relentless persuit of a known record or other very large fish.

    The Seige of Mafeking comes to mind.

    Take Bluebell Lakes for example. At any time, Summer and Winter, the Kingfisher lake is surrounded with maybe 35 anglers.

    That's 35 x 4 = 140 baits. Plus all the other bait devoted to the eventual capture of dear old Benson.

    Money is the thing you see. When a record fish, especially a carp is caught, you can bet your life that every tiny little detail of the rod, reel, line, hook, swivel, hooklength, lead, boilie mix... ad infinitum will be noted down; and the manufacturers will be telling the faithful how their swivel, hook etc caught Benson or Two Tone...Yaaawwwnn!!

    Life does get tedious doesn't it?

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    mark williams 4 Guest


    I always thought it was hardly the spirit of adventure chasing after the same fish night after night. When it was Mary at Wraysbury, at least she was canny enough to use the 100 acres of water to not get caught every year. But Bluebell ain't Wraysbury.
    What's saddest of all is that's why the circus goes there; who could doubt the existence of a record barbel in, say, the Severn or the Wye or even the Hanpshire Avon? But they're big rivers, and you could fish half a lifetime without catching it.... but what a lifetime you'd have!
    I'm minded of the 'sport' of South African game parks which buy in a few old lions, put them behind wire, then sell licences to shoot them. The hunters know they are there, and it's only a question of time - not TOO much time, you understand. They've only got the weekend to realise their dream!
    What was it Yatesy said about selling coach trips to heaven....
    A 30lb 'virgin' carp sought, spotted, fished for and caught has, in my mind, got to be double the achievement of calling in on old Benson

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    I agree with you fully Mark.

    I thought as an angling journalist you might have strongly disagreed with my philosophy.

    They are hardly "game parks" Mark, more private farms who actually make lots of money. And do you know, they even offer certain people giraffes to shoot!!

    Who the heck would ever want to shoot a poor gentle old giraffe? You can't miss andtThey are not even good to eat. And I have done a bit of shooting in my life too.

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    What are we all worrying about? Soon there will be a whole host of man made puddles with integral camp sites (gas and electric hook-up points for bivvies included) containing pond-reared record fish for those anglers who wish to "have a crack" at the record. Maybe they could rear some huge barbel too and stock them in "closed off" rivers so that finding the fish isn't too hard for those who don't like that sort of thing. Fishing has certainly come a long way.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    I think the media could change things for the better.

    I hope they start to play down such captures, perhaps not even report them. Cut them out of competitions like the Drennan Cup.

    Bring back real angling skills.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    The more I think about it the more I become more convinced.

    Who the heck would want to shoot a poor gentle old giraffe?

    Who the heck wants to catch poor old gentle Two Tone or Benson?

    To put it crudely, it's a bit like shagging a second hand dart board!!

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    Apr 2005


    Not for me Ron, they can keep it!

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    I'd rather persue a wild dace on the River Thet and by crikey we found a few didn't we Richard Farrow?

    Or try for a pound roach on my local canal. There are many there that may never have seen a hook.

    And thank goodness the Trent is big enough to hold a few secrets, swims that have never been fished in years.

    This website is called Fishing Magic.

    Let's try and bring back a little of that old magic into our fishing.

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    mark williams 4 Guest


    It does bother me that so many anglers never fish anywhere but the carp baths. That's where FM does such a good job - a website largely populated by old farts who have values and principles. We live in a world where everyone knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    And Ron's got a point about the Drenna Cup. Pete Drennan's passion was always wilder places - he wouldn't be seen dead on a carp puddle. Maybe he could instil a bit of common sense into the ravening horde

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