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    I personally fish for Roach very differently most likely as I like to catch them on the float (it's just more fun for me personally).

    I try to get a shoal of small to medium Roach feeding just under or slightly upstream of the rod tip, then I feed slightly larger examples of my hookbait about 10' (3metres) downstream then overcast and bring my baited hook back to sink where I have been introducing my larger hookbait examples.

    I always said I was crazy but its worked for me well for over 57 seasons.

    If you are after specimen's then that is a totally different ball game. The above will work fine for most Roach under 3lb.

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    The other tip I will offer is the edges of Bream shoals for medium Roach 2lb to 3lb.
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    Great replies - thanks all

    Continuing the location element of the thread, how much credence do you give to roach shoaling near human activity, where cormorants might be deterred? cg74 touched on it with the roach crammed in the lock...

    Has anyone targeted big roach under moored boats in the daytime?

    Have you noticed roach being attracted to brightly lit areas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrengeorge View Post

    What sort of loosefeed tactics did you use, particularly on the Severn?

    On the Severn I used plain white maggots most times, with a tiny Drennan block end feeder with most of the holes blocked off with insulation tape. Rod was a Drennan Bomb Rod and reel a small Shimano. It's been a long time since I fished the Severn for roach and since then, so Des Taylor tells me, the roach fishing has deteriorated.

    I also caught good roach on the Severn with casters and hemp.

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    Thanks very much Ron

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    It appears I have more than one username, weird!

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    Another split personality on the site

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    Watatoad wrote: "edge of bream shoals for medium roach 2 to 3lbs"...........I don't know where you fish but I wouldn't class roach of 2/3lbs as medium fish!!

    Just what would you class as a big roach??

    Unfortunately I checked your 'location' (ENGLAND!) but it did not help me locate this magical river full of medium roach......(add smillie thing here)

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    I fish all over the country as often as I can which these days can be quite often. Although my local river is the Suffolk Stour.

    Example of good places...sorry I don't give them out on the open forum...seen a good few totally ruined over the years. But I will say in my opinion there are more large Roach in rivers than most imagine.

    A good or large Roach in my personal opinion is a Roach over 3 1/2lbs from a river. After all anything under 2lb is really just a young one and not yet learned how to be really crafty and smart.

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    I think Mr Toad is being naughty!

    On the Thames a genuine 2lber is a fish of a lifetime. I researched big roach for over a decade for my book; the Thames best is something like 3-9-12 (probably the only 3-08+ one ever reported from the Thames!) from the mid 1930s but my guess is that it was either not a roach at all but a roach x bream from the Thames or was a true roach but caught from another venue that the captor preferred to keep quiet about i.e. Lambeth reservoir which later produced several very big roach for Bill Penney. On other rivers fish over 3-08 are extremely rare; most rivers haven't even produced one, and even rivers like the best of them all - the Hants Avon - not that many, maybe 10 or so. To define that size as large is therefore a bit silly as I don't know a single river venue where there is even a chance of a roach of that size at present. Listing even 20 genuine 3-08+ roach from rivers is a tough task. Some extremely successful big-roach anglers have yet to catch their first three-pounder, not from a want of trying.

    My advice to Thames Steve is to fish hard, try plenty of spots, perfect your bread feeder methods, and hope that one day you are lucky enough to get that Thames '2' because it will be well-earned.

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    Is bread fishing covered in your book?

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