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    Hello chaps I would like to know if any of the budget airlines fly into this area as it looks nice and the fishing sounds fantastic .Any information on the best areas and what to expect would also be appreciated, I am really interested in the barbel and carp fishing .Please help thanks Gav.

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    EC Guest


    It would help if we knew where in France it was Gav!

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    South West EC near Toulouse it sounds the bees knees.

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    EC Guest


    Link me up man!

    Suss out the nearest airport and see if easyjet/flybe/ryanair or whoever fly there!

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    I have had a look but sometimes like Reus near the ebro you can get closer to the fishing than say Barcelona but I am not sure if there are any of these little airports near by or what they are called .

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    I have knowledge and pictures...but will I share them????????
    He is every other inch a gentleman.

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    Don't make me beg on this forum posh.Its all about sharing information with your fellow anglers ,come on you know you want too and it will give you a warm glow inside knowing you have helped me fill my boots with wine and fish.

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    Pull yourself together man, can't abide the sight of a gent of the angle begging. Only reason to do so is when fleeing one of them ruffe slappers!

    I have sent information!


    He is every other inch a gentleman.

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    Evan Guest


    I haven't fished it but I stood and had a long look at the Lot and Lot valley on my way to pick up my wine from St. Emilion (hem hem....) and it is just gorgeous, absolutely fishtastic.

    Two minutes looking in the margins with polaroids on = enough fish to restock most british rivers twice over.

    Definitely interested to hear how you do and what and where on your return....

    (And whatever else you do DO go visit St. Emilion....
    Have a pichet of local red in one of the high street bistros sitting out on the pavement in the sunshine. It will almost certainly be just about the best red wine you have ever drunk at the price.
    The reason ? St. Emilion only bottles their very very best.
    The second best it doesn't bottle or sell in case of the unscrupulous labelling it up as if grand cru and thereby ruining the appellation's reputation.
    So what happens to the second best ? it is kept for local consumption at 2 a pichet.... (and the undrunk remainder goes for brandy distillation)
    And Second best St. Emilion is better than 99% of everyone else's best of the best, even without years in the cask and bottle. Seriously, an Omlette fines herbes, green salad and a pichet of red there is one of the really great meals of my life. Do your tastebuds a favour !)

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    Cheers Posh got the mail but can't get the attatchmemt to work but it could be my inept computer skills .Cahors is the region were I was thinking of going too were abouts did you have a look Evan as it sounds alright there too.The area in general looks beautiful add fish filled rivers and bingo.I have found some cheapy flights to limoges about 90 miles from Cahors so thats not too bad its looking like I can sort it for next to nowt even if I have to kip on the bank or in the car.Any more input would be great .

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