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    Seen the above rod for £60 (rrp @ 130). Has anyone got one of these rods and if so are they any good? I've got a JW Avon and 2lb TC Grauvell Barbel rod, but neither of these feel like they have the backbone to cast big feeders extreme distances. Maybe I'm just being a tackle tart.

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    Are you sure that it is the Super G series& not the G Series? IMHO from owning both, the older G Series is a better rod and can be picked up from most places that have stocks left for the price you are stating. The Super G rods are still around the £100 mark everywhere I have checked (£60 is less than cost on the Super G!!!).

    Both models will cast Method feeders 60yds+. They have a hybrid parabolic action as well, which is amongst the best I have seen in match style feeder rods. Unlike other rods it starts off with a more traditional style action in the top third of the rod and is progressive in it's power curve until the cork is bending!!!! Having the hybrid action allows the rod to cast distances accurately which is where almost all of the other parabolic style rods fail.

    The rods were designed to incorporate the best bits of 2 of the most used feeder rods on the market - the Team Normark Multi-Tip and the Carbotec feeder rods. I have used the Carbotecs and the Normarks (originals and new Masterline supplied models), and if I had to choose between any of them, I would go with the Garbolino G Series without any shadow of a doubt.

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    I'm interested in what you're saying about theG series being like carbotecs. The step tapers are what made carbotecs (and Normark Titan 2000/3000s) special. Do any/all of the G/super Gseries have this feature?

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    The G Series & Super G rods were based on the older Normarks (on Diamaru blanks) and the Carbotecs. I know this is 100% accurate info. Like the Carbotec's the tip section is more like a traditional feeder rod, but as more pressure is exerted into the blank, the rod takes on an almost parabolic action.

    The actions of the float rods are the same, with the Light float being virtually identical to a Microlite 2000, Power Float virtually identical to the Titan 2000 & the Specimen Power being almost identical to, yeap you got it, the Avenger 2000.

    As I stated before, the original G Series rods are fantastic at the price they sold for originally (and even more so at the discounted price!). The Super G series, I was not overly impressed by as it seemed that Garbolino made changes which were not needed IMHO such as changing the ringing for low profile guides on the feeder rods, which I felt increased line stick to the blank. The only model rods that were improved on with the Super G IMHO were the long rods, 15' & 17'. They are perfectly balanced and feel like you are holding a 13' rod. I have not seen the new rods that were introduced into the 2008 range yet such as the 14' slider, so cannot comment on those.

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    The Milo New Eras were Diamaru blanks - they are great rods.

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