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    I've recently starting flavouring my sweetcorn and had some good responses.

    I used strawberry flavour - what other flavours would you recommend for carp and tench?



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    Always had most success with strawberry. Quite often fish and bait with a mixture of corn and luncheon meat, both flavoured, for tench. Tried Scopex - not found it anywhere as effective.
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    Has anyone tried lucheon meat flavoured sweetcorn or sweetcorn flavoured luncheon meat?
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    Had success for tench with straight foreward sugar coated sweetcorn and have also used pineapple sweetcorn with some success.

    Stay clear of sweetcorn flavoured pellets. Useless and seam to be of scopex and too much a that which I believe makes them bitter.

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    Golden syrup and the darker version, messy though.

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    can ---corn ---end it makes no difference they eat it because they like .....corn
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    I don't think i makes that much difference, but some lakes i fish i put a squirt of VDE Liquid Braseum or the Dynamite Baits stuff will do. Mainly out of habbit thouh.

    I normally pour the juices into my ground-bait and then put a little lake water into my sweet-corn bait tub. I know this probably wipes some of the flavour off but it makes a lovely ground-bait.


    (I do the the vision baits red fruit soak as well)

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    &quot;Has anyone tried lucheon meat flavoured sweetcorn or sweetcorn flavoured luncheon meat?&quot;

    Tony Miles - so you're in good company!(He mentioned keeping them in the same box so they took on each others' flavours)

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    In the past i've tried tutti fruitti flavour and colouring it blue.

    Had a really good day at Wylands on the blue stuff whilst my mate had similar results on the red strawberry corn.

    My view is that if the fish get used to X why not try Y?

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    Fish will always get used to a bait and want a change, i'm not sure however if the fish wise up to it or just get bored, imagine if all you ate all year round was sweet corn (or comparably a bowl of salad) each and every day. Get Bored?? i know i would.

    Change is Good, Change is Necessary. Thats why i feed a multitude of different baits in my swim, so the fish don't get bored and have to work for the food this lowers the chance of em spooking and will feed confidently for hours. even when its all gone, they will still rummage the bottom.


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