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smartone365 28-05-2013 12:08

felton fence fishery/docklow pools
Well here goes for my 1st post. Yesterday went to Felton Fence Fishery in Northumberland for the 1st time. Ended up there about 9.30am after making sure the wife made it to work.(gotta keep the pennys rolling in). It consists of 4 lakes and after taking to the owner he recommended to fish the bottom lake as it had been recently stocked. He was very helpful and was able to get bait from him. When I got there had the place to myself except for one young lad who turned up at the same time. Ended up fishing the margins with a waggler set up. The fishing was'nt intense but had a steady flow of small carp and roach,which brought a smile to my face. Found fishing worm brought about the bigger stamp of fish.Must say it is in a beautiful part of northumberland and will be going back soon i hope.
As for Docklow Pools i will be going there for a weeks fishing 15/6/2013 wondered if any member has been there or is going to be there at the time, so we can have chat and I can pick your brains

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