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    One company did just that a few year ago they made a range of carbon rods called the Hexograph they did not catch on . I found one on a salmon beat smashed to smithereens. When I asked the ghillie about it he said a client had lost two fish using it and had thrown it on the bank and jumped on it several times then threw it in the bushes this was in about 96.

    Bruce and walker, they still make 'em. At close on £900 a pop, for an avon rod, I'm not surprised they didn't catch on.

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    Not sure this hexa-whatsit is the same thing although they must all be derivatives of some sort of carbon. I only saw this Horizon program a couple of months ago where this "graphine" was still in its early days. And I found a magazine article recently talking it up as the next super material. They had somehow found a way of making the carbon atoms "super glue" themselves together so , even one atom thick sheet of it was super strong.. It could probably prove to be too brittle for rod production etc but, I wouldn't be surprised to see it find its way into tackle production in some way in the future at some stage.

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    A vintage Farlow,s Avon cane rod i recently restored and an Allcock,s Delmatic.

    13 1/2lb Ghost handled with ease.

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