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    I've just acquired a Middy 3G 11.5 ft pellet waggler rod which so far seems fantastic.

    However, I am having problems fitting my Shakespeare Mach 3 3000 front drag reel in the reels seat. the wierd thing is that every other reel I've tried fits fine! I'm pretty gutted as I wanted to use it with the Mach 3 reel. When I fit one end of the reel foot in, the other end of the reel foot stands pround of the handle and is too high to fit into the screw down collar at the other end of the reel seat.

    has anyone else had the same problem?

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    Hi , Yep just the same problem with a Distinction Travel rod and a Shakespear reel that that I use for holidays. the only suggestion I would make is not to over tighten the handle but always be aware that it could work loose .

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