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    Evening gents. First post on here.

    I've got back into fishing following a 5 year break having moved out to Molesey earlier this year. As a result I've spent a good few months exploring the swims in and around Hampton Court, in fact I've just packed the car up for an early morning session tomorrow.

    So far this year I've been going for anything, I'd rather sit there and catch all day than go and hunt one specific type and only get a bite. The swims in the Hurst Park area (near the ferry) are very good for Bream and Roach on the ledger, I've had some big slabs of Bream out this year. Lots of families go down and feed the ducks so the fish are used to coming into the slacks. You see plenty of guys down there with the full carp rigs and overnight gear, haven't caught one myself but apparently there are plenty of 20lb plus specimens in there that have escaped into the river via floods over the year.

    Fished on the bank of cigarette islands with mixed success in the summer. To be honest on the days I did there was a lot of boat traffic which didn't help. Will give that another go soon.

    Walton Marina is similar to Hurst Park. Big slack area with plenty of Bream, Roach & Perch, all to decent sizes.

    I've tried pole, float and ledger. Tend to have the most success on a simpe cage groundbait rig fishing double maggot. Although recently I've been trying pellets on the PVA with reasonable success.

    Has anyone on here fished the Mole?

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    Yes, a friend of mine used to live in Mole ember road. His garden backed onto the Mole. We caught some big chub and roach on trotted flake.
    I've also fished matches on the Thames at the back of Tescos just up the road.
    Welcome to this site and why not join us on our fish-in at Walton in January.

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    My brother used to live on the mole at Hampton court 500 hundred yards up from where it flowed into the Thames. His house overlooked a weir and I used to watch a heron dive in from the tow path and the fish that bird used to come up with, chub and roach mainly. Unfortunately, I never sorted out the fishing for myself, mostly it was private and as I was only ever there for a day but, it looked pretty good to me.

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    Here is a trout fly from the long-gone days when the Mole was a decent trout river. It travelled well - I have seen Austrian grayling fishers using the fly and similar variants in fast Alpine rivers that are a far cry from our much put-upon modern Mole. Interestingly, the same fly once worked very well for me for trout, grayling, dace and chub on the upper reaches of its neighbouring river, the Wey.

    Mole Fly Fly - FlyFishing with

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    I used to fish the Crane as a kid both in Donkey Woods and Crane Park. Had my first ever fish out. Only a small roach but it was an important milestone foe me.

    I did hear that there was a big pollution spill in there not that long ago and it killed the fishing off. But I have not lived in the area for some years now.

    I am looking to get onto the Thames in the Hampton Court area when the season starts.

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    The thames fished its nuts off last year, not far from there at Staines I had 30lb of roach on the waggler and caster and whilst netting one of them I had a bloody great perch chasing it. The roach must have been 6 oz so the perch definitely had a big appetite! Walton bridge is also full of fish, had 20lb of roach on the pole and got pestered by pike. One of the map sponsored match stars done a few articles on night fishing for bream and had some massive bags of them!
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